In 2022, the district will award 4,000 scholarships to the English for Work programme.

In 2022, the district will award 4,000 scholarships to the English for Work programme.

Before entering college, a young person with no work experience could generate an income equivalent to twice the minimum wage in Colombia. You only need to fulfill two conditions: knowledge of English and willingness. Under this premise, Work English was born, the region’s program that provides training in this second language to connect Barranquilla residents to job opportunities.

Because of the epidemic, one of the sectors that provided the largest growth in labor demand was bebo also Business is processed outside the source (Business Process Outsourcing), which specializes in carrying out support functions for an organization through technologies. The union reports that there are more than 1,000 monthly vacancies available to bilingual people that are not filled by local human resources.

That is why, since last year, Mayor Jaime Pomarejo, along with corporate leaders in the sector, announced one of the biggest commitments to boosting formal employment with full scholarships to study English intensively, thus sending their CVs to over 32 companies. bebo that operate in the city.

There are already 600 students who have participated in the programme, to which more than 4,000 new beneficiaries will be added in 2022, announced the Minister of Economic Development, Ricardo Plata Sarabia.

“With national growth of over 17% in 2021, as announced by MinComercio, bebo They were positioning themselves as the great engines of the economy. That’s why we are committed to providing the tools to generate jobs that join the more than 11,000 people currently working in the sector, allowing young people to gain certified experience, as well as explore cutting-edge technologies and meet new business challenges. ‘ said the official.

Plata Sarabia explained that to complement the language training with an intensive 380-hour course, activities such as conversation clubs and a cultural agenda are contemplated; Workshops on customer service and after-sales service; Business immersion bebo and other sectors, as well as management of technological tools.

In parallel, through the Opportunity Center, participants are instructed on how to submit their resume, job interviews, and psychological and technical tests to subsequently send the qualified profile to companies.

Advantages of working at A bebo:

  • Bilingual salaries range from $1,800,000 for people without experience to $3,000,000 for experienced people, plus commissions and bonuses.
  • Direct contracting with all legal benefits.
  • Flexibility in schedules so young people can study and work at the same time.
  • Funding studies and exchanges.
  • Interact with work cultures in other countries.
  • Continuous training.
  • Prospects for promotion to specialized positions in different fields: technology, marketinge-commerce, information technology, logistics, statistics and data science.


If you are interested in being a part of the program, just follow these steps:

  • Take the test to assess your English level here
  • Once completed, the Economic Development Secretariat team will contact the concerned authority within 48 hours to announce the result. (By email).


  • Live in Barranquilla and be over 17 years old.
  • Interest in working in sector companies bebo.
  • Not related to employment.
  • Have a basic level of English, which will be verified by assessment.
  • Get a device connected to the Internet to develop complementary virtual activities.

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