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Learning another language can open up many job, academic, or living opportunities outside the country. English is undoubtedly the most desirable language for these situations.

However, the vast majority of international universities and employers require non-native English speakers, such as Colombians, to certify their proficiency in the language through a standardized test.

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The IELTS It is a standardized test of the English language used mainly by students who wish to enter universities abroad and by people who wish to immigrate to the United Kingdom or other countries where English is the official language, especially countries with close relations with the British.

This test is designed by the Cambridge Assessment of English, and administered jointly by the organisation, the British Council and IDP Ielts Australia.

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There are three versions of IELTSGeneral, academic and life skills. Of these, Academic is the most popular, accounting for about 80 percent of IELTS exams taken each year.

Just last week, the British Council in Columbia announced that it will offer scholarships to advance into undergraduate or postgraduate studies that those who have taken or have taken an IELTS test in the country between May 1, 2020 and September 15, 2021 can apply.

Those who have passed the course with the British Council will have the opportunity to apply for one of the seven Scholarships worth £3,000, approximately 16,000,000 million Colombian pesos, to begin their undergraduate or postgraduate studies, whether conducted in Colombia or abroad. The application will close on September 29 this year.

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To apply for the IELTS 2021 award call, applicants must complete an online form that discloses their profile and interests to apply for this scholarship in just 500 words.

To perform this operation, you can enter the following link: Register | IELTS award (

The exam can be taken directly with the British Council, which has a presence in Colombia, and costs between $780,000 and $877,200.

It takes 2 hours and 45 minutes in total, and assesses four skills: Reading comprehension, written expression, auditory comprehension, and oral expressionIn its written part, it focuses on topics related to the academic or university environment.

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