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Icetex announced that as of Friday, April 8, the first day of its “2022 solutions for component fund beneficiaries” will be held with the entity and that existing payment difficulties will be resolved.

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So far, according to the entity, 520 students reached agreements.

They said the initiative is “ready to serve users of 130 administrative funds with arrears of more than 31 days and users of traditional repayable credit in income withholding.”

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To advance in this latter category, it is necessary The wallet has been presented with an amortization period of more than 31 days late and does not currently have any payment agreement in effect. In total there are 130 chests being considered on this day. You can refer to them in this PDF:

According to Icetex, those who catch up will be able to Get an exemption of up to 100% of the current interest accrued and late“And other concepts except for a contribution to the Emergency Disability and Death Fund,” they say.

You should know that payment agreements can also be established Termination, normalization or refinancing of the overdue obligation.

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Where can the operation be carried out?

Users with educational credit in Study phase or for those who have already graduated with a delay of 31 to 90 daysThey must call the national toll-free 018000 112845 (from the land line), or in Bogota to the line (601) 316 18 67. You can also contact by entering here.

if he Educational credit overdue 91 daysAfter completing their studies, they can call the national toll-free line 018000119716 (from a land line) or in bAUGOTA V (601) 7490211. You can also contact this link.

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Our business hours will be Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM and Saturday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

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