Icetex and the new way to pay educational credits

Icetex has become a love-hate entity. While many young people have been able to study their careers thanks to entity-supported credits, other students have joined the list of latecomers Icetex considers that it does not offer payment facilities.

Striving to give alternatives to young people wishing to attend university with Icetex credits, And for those who have debts with the entity, the government has prepared a draft decree proposing a new way for users of these educational loans to pay off their debts.

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This decree will finally allow the implementation of the Income Emergency Financing model for those recipients of education credit with Icetex who wish and request it, That is, young people can pay their credits according to the salary they receive, so there are no unpaid fees that eventually lead to them becoming debtors in arrears.

According to the draft, the companies will deduct Icetex fees from the salary and pay them to that entity. The minimum value of the discount is 11% and the maximum is 24%, it all depends on the salary of each worker.

As stated in the draft, A worker who earns 1 million pesos pays a fee of up to $130,000; Whoever wins four million pesos will pay a fee of 720,000 pesos; Those who managed to win six million pesos will have To pay a fee of $1,320,000, those over $8 million will pay 24% of their salary in each Icetex installment.

Below is the table that explains how much each student has to pay according to their salary:

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