Hurtado rated his international “journey”

Mayor Andres Fabian Hurtado, through his social networks, has achieved a balance in the international agenda he recently presented in Panama and Hungary, which he described as positive, because, in his opinion, “Ibagi is already appearing on the world map”.

The President explained that in Panama City he partnered with the Colombian ambassador in that region, Eduardo Burgos, with whom “we set an agenda for communication, to achieve commercial agreements with Cuba Airlines that allow us to internationalize Perales Airport. As well as commercial agreements with various businessmen in the city.

“We have also been successful in getting our entrepreneurs to work at Expocomer and many of our entrepreneurs have business and sales agreements,” Hurtado said.

While in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, the President of Ibaguereños spoke with the Colombian ambassador to that country, Carmenza Jaramillo; He also pointed out three important advances.

The first, regarding university scholarships in the areas of hydraulics and environmental sustainability, because they are “strong in that sense, in an agreement that we will work with Icetex and the Hungarian Embassy”.

It has also made progress in agreements to internationalize products such as coffee, cape grapes, granadilla and goloba.

Finally, in the cultural field, Hurtado explained that there is exchange with countries such as Estonia and Croatia.

“Our city is already appearing on the world map, Ibagué is already known to be the musical city of Colombia, we have shown the Panopticon which has become a center for art and music and this of course attracts many cities that we hope to visit within the framework of the Colombian Folklore Festival.”

Let’s make the region and support our own!

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