Huixquilucan Scholarship for Over 11,000 Students to Avoid Leaving School

Huixquilucan, has provided support for the “Advance in Education” scholarship program, which will benefit 11,200 students from basic to senior levels

The mayor, Romina Contreras, reported that 11,200 students from the basic level to the top will be benefited.

The Mayor of Huixquilucan, Romina Contreras Carrasco, has begun providing support for the scholarship program “Advances in Education”; which will benefit 11200 students from basic to higher level; With the aim of enhancing their academic preparation and appropriate personal and professional development.

The mayor explained that this program is for students from Huixquilucan; In case of weakness and enrollment in public schools; fall within or outside the territory, then, by this scholarship; Beneficiaries will receive three forms of support during the current year that they can use to cover expenses arising from their education; For this purpose, a municipal investment of 21 million pesos has been allocated.

“Know that, in this city council, in this government, a priority, of course, is education, and here we are. We are here to support them, to strengthen every single Huixquilucan. Information is power and that education your children receive.”; Tomorrow it will open many doors for them, as they will have better opportunities in the workplace.”

Huixquilucan Scholarship for Over 11,000 Students to Avoid Leaving School

Huixquilucan will continue to encourage children and young people through scholarships so that they can continue their preparation

Romina Contreras, in her meetings with students benefiting from the Advances in Education scholarship program in Palo Solo and San Martín, emphasized that her administration will continue to encourage children and young people to continue their preparation, in recognition of their continued dedication; Case in point, despite the pandemic, they never stopped studying to pursue their career dreams.

Beneficiaries include preschool, primary, secondary and high school students from communities such as Agua Blanca, Agua Bendita, Palo Solo Extension, Municipal Headquarters, Components of 1917, Dos Ríos, Federal Burocrática, El Arenal, El Bosque, El Cerrito, El Laurel, El Obraje , El Olivo, El Plan, Ignacio Allende, La Cañada, La Cima, Las Canteras, La Glorieta, La Retama, La Unidad, Loma del Carmen, Magdalena Chichicaspa, Monton Cuarteles, Palo Solo, Pirules, San Cristobal, San Fernando, San Jacinto, San Martin, San Juan Utepeque, Terra e Liberta, and Zacamolpa, among others.

She thanked the Colegio de Bachilleres No. 9, Campus Huixquilucan, Daniela Garcia, on behalf of the students who received the scholarship, the mayor for the encouragement her administration has given them to continue their studies, and above all, I work closely with people to listen and care for their needs.

Huixquilucan Scholarship for Over 11,000 Students to Avoid Leaving School

Scholarships are easy to access

In this sense, she highlighted that she was awarded this scholarship, through the Huixquilucan Contigo 24/7 programme, in which Romina Contreras and her Council of Ministers each week visit a community to be in direct contact with the requests and needs of the citizens.

“Thanks to her initiative to visit each of the communities with this program, I had the opportunity to reach out to her to request that support and today I am here, a sign of her commitment to us. We appreciate your interest and dedication in seeking support alternatives for all students who benefit from this program.”

Finally, the mayor thanked and thanked the parents for their efforts in supporting their children’s education, stressing for her that the government is working in cooperation with families to continue progressing in students’ education, in addition to emphasizing that the government will continue to do so. Working 24/7 to develop Huixquiluquenses building blocks.


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