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How will the scholarships be in the 2022-2023 academic year? Notes, conditions and amounts | Economie

Yesterday, the Council of Ministers approved the royal decree determining the amounts of scholarships for the academic year 2022-2023. The budget reaches 2,134 million, a record figure that seeks to cover the entry of new grant holders as a result of the poor economic situation left by the pandemic. This represents an increase of 96 million compared to the previous cycle and is estimated to benefit more than 1.1 million young people.

The scholarships are aimed at students in the first and second year of the baccalaureate, middle and higher level vocational training students as well as university students or those studying vocational and higher technical education, sports, higher religious education, language studies in public schools, access to courses and degree training courses Basic, master’s degree or official degree.

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The highlight of this call is that the deadlines for both application and communication for scholarships will be four months ahead, with the call expected to open in March rather than in July or August as it happens. The goal is for those interested to know if they meet the requirements for this assistance before the registration period.

The second major change is that the average score for a non-qualifying master’s degree scholarship drops from 6.5 to 5. This completes the process that began a year ago, when the Universities Ministry implemented the same postgraduate qualification criteria, that is, those that must be passed in order to pursue careers Certain people, such as a lawyer, psychologist, high school teacher, or health worker.

Aside from these changes, aids targeting students with specific support needs (disabilities, severe behavioral disorder, autism spectrum disorder, and severe communication and language disorder) are maintained.

Scholarships provided by the Ministry of Education

Fixed amounts for scholarships are allotted to undergraduate and non-undergraduate students as follows:

Applicant’s income: 1700 EUR

Accommodation during the course: 1600 EUR

Basic scholarship: 300 euros. For those who attend the basic certificate training courses, the amount will be 350 euros.

Variable amount: Minimum amount of €60 and results from weighting the grade point average on the student’s file and family income.

Excellence in academic performance: between 50 and 125 euros out of an 8-point average. The maximum number will be for those who score 9.5 points or more.

Enrollment Grant: It will cover the amount of credits that the student first enrolled in in the academic year 2022-2023.

Economic requirements

The Royal Decree maintains the maximum amounts of family income in force in the last year, which determines the right to receive a scholarship. There are three different thresholds, under which you can access some aid or another.

If the amount specified in the first limit is not exceeded, the applicant may opt for assistance with rent, accommodation, academic performance, variable amount and full tuition fee coverage.

If the first limit is exceeded, but not the second, the applicant will be able to receive accommodation assistance, academic performance, basic scholarship, variable amount, as well as enrollment coverage.

If the second limit is exceeded, but not the third, the applicant will be able to receive assistance related to academic performance, basic scholarship, and tuition fees. If all thresholds are exceeded, the student will not be entitled to assistance.

To calculate the threshold, the income of each family member who earns income must be added. For grants and grants purposes, the 2021 fiscal year will be counted.

Deductions that apply to household income

50% of the income of any individual other than the primary breadwinner.

If the applicant belongs to a large general family, 525 euros per significant sibling living in the home, including the applicant. If it is a large family especially, 800 euros.

€ 1,811 per sibling or child of the applicant or of the same applicant who has a legally recognized disability equal to or greater than 33%. The figure can rise to €2881 when the degree of disability is equal to or greater than 65%.

20% of the family income when the applicant is a divorced orphan and has not reached the age of 25 years.

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