How to order, requirements and deadlines

Today, before other courses, the Spanish government opened the application period for scholarships for baccalaureate, vocational training, undergraduate and masters students for the 2022-23 academic year. This period will be open until May 12.

Information can be found on the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training website, on the Ministry of Universities website, or on the specific scholarship website.

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Scholarships total €2,134 million, an increase of 100 over last year. Ministries estimate that the aid will reach nearly a million students, about 980,000, about 200,000 more than four years ago.

The government advanced the call about four months, therefore, students will be able to find out if they meet the requirements for the scholarship before starting the course. It is recommended to apply for the scholarship now, even if it is not yet known what studies will be conducted from September or where, and to complete the application according to which studies are likely to be conducted.

Bac and FP

Why studies? Scholarships can be requested for baccalaureate, access and FP preparation courses and specific access courses for intermediate and higher level courses, taught at public and private coordinating centers; Intermediate and high level FP courses; Art, sports and language education in public schools (as well as distance studies) and higher religious studies, according to the Ministry of Education.

amount. Grants have a fixed amount and a variable amount. The fixed amount can add up to 3,725 euros: 300 for enrollment (350 in basic vocational training), 1,700 for family income, 1,600 for a change of residence during the academic year and between 50 and 125 euros for academic excellence.

The ministry clarifies that once fixed amount grants are allocated to all those who have applied for them and who meet the requirements, the remaining funds will be distributed taking into account the average score of the file and the individual’s income for the family.

More than 3000 euros

The variable amount will be at least €60 for studies such as languages, basic vocational training and access to university for those over 25 years old.

First year requirements. The scholarship cannot be requested if the course is repeated. You must enroll in the full course or at least half of the subjects. If the scholarship is for a baccalaureate degree, you must have a minimum grade point average of 5 in your fourth year of ESO or the final grade of your middle or primary class course. Same if you are going to study a higher level course.

In higher technical education and other non-undergraduate postgraduate studies, you must score at least 60 credits or 30 (limited scholarship)


Scholarships take into account various aspects

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College student

What can you ask for? If the person plans to enroll in the 2022-2023 academic year in the university entry course for people over 25 years old (taught by public universities); In university education for bachelor’s and master’s degrees (including university centers for defense and civil guards) or supplementary credits for master’s or bachelor’s degrees.

Those seeking to pursue tertiary studies, doctoral studies, specialization studies or undergraduate degrees cannot apply for a scholarship.

amount. Up to €3,425 for family income, change of residence and for academic excellence. The scholarship will be for the amount of credits the person enrolls for the first time.

The scholarship covers only those credits and it is the minimum required to obtain the degree. And if you are studying at a private university, it only covers the price set by the autonomous community where the center is located.

requirements. The degree required for the scholarship for a non-qualifying master’s degree is reduced: a grade point average of 5 is sufficient.

how to order

You have to go to the scholarship website and register. To do this, a username and password will be required. If a person has previously registered for any other action, he does not need to register again, the given username and password are valid, otherwise he must follow the “Register” steps.

It can be accessed using Cl@ve (electronic keys of public administrations) or with an electronic certificate, if available, or with a name and password. Then you have to fill out the online form.


Spanish people or nationals of an EU member state can apply for a scholarship. In this case, you must be permanently resident in Spain or prove that you are self-employed or work in Spain.

If you are not an EU citizen, those under the age of 18 or foreigners who obtained a residence permit before December 31, 2021 can access the scholarship.

You cannot request a scholarship if you already have a certificate of equal or higher level than the studies you are requesting.

For access to the scholarship, last year’s family income will be considered. Thresholds range from €8,422 per year for one person to €388,321 per year for a family of four or up to €53,665 if there are eight members in the household.

According to household income thresholds

Families that exceed established income thresholds are not eligible for a scholarship; If the net return on capital transferred plus capital gains for the family exceeds €1,700 during 2021; If the cadastral values ​​of real property other than the main residence exceed the permissible limits and if income from economic activities or participation in entities exceeds 155,500 euros during 2021.

Among students with special educational support needs, persons with disabilities, high ability, severe conduct disorder, autism spectrum disorder, and severe communication and language disorder can apply for the scholarship.

The government already confirmed in February, upon approval of the decree, that the scholarship budget had grown by 45% in five years.

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