How to get a scholarship to study in Spain?

Get a scholarship to study in Spain It not only opens up a great opportunity for your career but also on a personal level because it allows you to enjoy new experiences and learn about different places and people. Therefore, in the next post we will show you How to get a scholarship to study in Spain.

Scholarships to study in Spain

The Scholarships to study in Spain They will depend on the offer in your country of residence; Next, we will show you a list of the most prominent scholarships and the requirements that you must meet to get them:

Scholarships to study in Spain – Erasmus Scholarships

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Program It is one of the largest programs in Latin America for students who wish to pursue postgraduate degrees in Spain and other European countries. The Erasmus scholarship provides students with a monthly allowance for maintenance, airline tickets, medical insurance payment, etc.

The requirements to apply for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship may vary depending on your country of residence, but mainly include the following:

  • Belong to one of the participating countries (Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Panama, Uruguay or Venezuela), or to one of the partner countries, even if only the latter can Participate in certain procedures of the program if they meet certain criteria or conditions. Have a high academic level (requirements vary in each country)
  • Speak English correctly and be proficient in the language of the scholarship country.
  • You have not lived for more than 12 months in the last 5 years in any of the European countries that offer the scholarship.

Scholarships to Study in Spain – Carolina Foundation Scholarship

The Carolina Foundation It is an institution that promotes cultural relations and educational and scientific cooperation between Spain and other countries of the Ibero-American Community, as well as other countries with which it maintains cultural, geographical or historical ties.

The Carolina Foundation Scholarship Program pays for student support, travel costs, tuition payment, study materials, etc. And although it also applies to studying in Latin American universities, the most in demand is Scholarships to study in Spain.

The scholarship options offered by the Carolina Foundation are:

  • Scholarships for Postgraduate Studies – Masters
  • PhD Scholarships
  • Postdoctoral Short Stay Scholarships
  • Scholarships for Lifelong Learning Programs

Evaluation criteria for research and doctoral studies

If you wish to choose a research and doctoral scholarship, it is important that you take into account the following criteria that the Carolina Foundation considers when choosing:

  1. Evaluation criteria for the candidate profile (60% weighting)

Research activity (70% of “A” rating)

The organization will take into account the following:

  • Academic and scientific publications, artistic and professional creations…
  • Presentations and communications at conferences, symposia and conferences (international conferences and national/local conferences).
  • Managing and participating in competitive research projects.
  • Managing and participating in other research projects and contracts.
  • Managing doctoral theses and other research work.
  • Recognition of the research activity
  • Patents and products with intellectual property registration.
  • The activity of transferring knowledge to society and public policies.
  • Stay in other research centers for more than one month.
  • Other aspects of international cooperation.
  • Other advantages related to research activity.

Teaching activity (20% “A”)

  • Teaching profession (years of contact and dedication full- or part-time at a university or higher education center).
  • Results of the institutional evaluation of the teaching activity.
  • Prepare original educational materials.
  • Teaching innovation projects.
  • Project Management (Bachelor’s degree, final degree and master’s projects, or equivalent)
  • Other advantages related to the teaching activity.

University administration and research management activity (10% of “A” rating)

  • Performing positions of responsibility in the university administration…
  • Perform positions in the educational, hospital, scientific or technological environment (public administrations for a period of not less than one year)
  • Other advantages related to experience in administration, educational, hospital, scientific and technological management

two. Research proposal evaluation criteria (40% weighting)

Research activity (70% of “A” rating)

  • Scientific and technical quality and feasibility of the proposal
  • Assumptions, methodology, action plan and means to be used
  • Academic and scientific importance of the results to be achieved
  • The candidate’s knowledge of the case status, bibliography and sources…
  • Feasibility and potential risks of the proposal
  • Relationship and importance of the host institution and its research staff
  • Relationship with the candidate’s research history
  • Links with research groups or networks and interested organizations
  • Applicability of the results
  • The potential impact of outcomes in terms of knowledge advancement and/or impact on social value and social innovation.

Scholarships to study in Spain – MAEC-AECID Scholarships

The MAEC-AECID Scholarships It has been offered for more than 70 years, which is why it has become one of the most requested tools of Spanish foreign policy in the field of cooperation, art, education and culture, making it one of the most sought after programs for scholarships to study in Spain.

The scholarships (already awarded) offered in the call for the period 2020-2021 were as follows:

  • Scholarships for the Royal Spanish Academy of Rome (RAER)
  • Scholarships for training in cultural management abroad and scientific diplomacy in the foreign network of diplomatic representations and cultural centers in Spain and at AECID
  • Grants for training in the field of development cooperation at the Spanish Cooperation Training Centers in Latin America
  • Scholarships for training cooperation at the headquarters of the academies associated with the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE)
  • Scholarships for College of Europe
  • Scholarships for Excellence in Music Training at the Reina Sofia School of Music (ESMRS)
  • Master’s scholarships for civil servants and employees integrated into the public systems of countries included in the bilateral strategies of the Master Plan V of Spanish Cooperation and in some international organizations

Currently, the MAEC-AECID recall is in effect 2021-2022 edition Which offers 4 calls: two for Spaniards and European citizens (scholarships and aid) and two for citizens of the partner countries of the Spanish Cooperation from Latin America, Africa and Asia. In short, these are the current calls:

  1. The call for scholarships for Hispanics has been simplified and its objectives adjusted to two lines:
    • Training young Spaniards in embassies, training centers and College of Europe in 3 programs with a maximum of 27 years to apply for the scholarship
    • Promote the arts with art and research residencies at the Royal Spanish Academy in Rome (RAER).
  2. Announcing the aid program (helping Spaniards to integrate into the world of foreign universities to teach Spanish at universities around the world).
  3. The Call for Scholarships Program for Training Young Spaniards in AECID Technical Cooperation Offices offers training and learning opportunities in the Department of Development Cooperation.

Scholarships to study in Spain – Becas Albéniz

Albiniz Scholarships for Reina Sofia School of Music It targets students in the fields of art and culture. This school is considered one of the best music schools in Europe so it is also a highly coveted scholarship for those who want to be great musicians.

Albeni’s Foundation It is a private non-profit organization that offers scholarships to study at this prestigious school in order to promote classical music in Spain and to develop the talents of young people from other countries. Three types of scholarships are offered:

  • Scholarships to cover the partial or total amount of tuition fees.
  • Residence grant, to cover the student’s maintenance and accommodation expenses during his or her career.
  • Musical Instruments Scholarship, through which the student is provided with the use of high-quality musical instruments during the course.

Other scholarships to study in Spain are:

How to get a scholarship to study in Spain?

Do you want to get a scholarship to study in Spain? We invite you to find out what programs are available in your country of residence and check if you meet the requirements to apply for the said scholarship.

If you still have a few years to finish your degree, you can now start preparing for it Apply for a scholarship to study in Spain:

  • It is important that you are fluent in English and other languages ​​such as Italian, French or Portuguese;
  • Try to keep a high academic record, orient yourself with what the major programs in the world require and you will see that you will have better possibilities;
  • You can start by applying for the short-stay scholarship programmes, this will allow you to get better acquainted with the institution and its requirements, and then choose a master’s or doctoral scholarship;
  • And one last tip, give a year before the year you want to travel, remember that the process takes time.

These tips will help you Get a scholarship to study in Spainallowing you to get quality training for your future career and work, as well as to enjoy new personal experiences that will expand your vision of the world.

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