How to Apply for Undergraduate Scholarships Offered by the Bucaramanga Mayor’s Office

An opportunity is opened for high school graduates residing in Classes 1, 2 and 3 of Bucaramanga City, who can apply for one of the 1,325 higher education scholarships offered by the Bucaramanga Municipal Office.

Aimed at technical and technological careers, the scholarships offer 36 programs offered at 11 university institutions in the capital city of Santander.

The registration process is open from March 7 to April 8 (11:59 PM). Those interested can apply from a computer connected to the Internet, following the following recommendations, as explained by the Minister of Education in the Bucaramanga Mayor’s Office:

  • Enter the Bucaramanga Mayor’s page
  • Click carry out your actions
  • then select education. There will be a choice Call for Higher Education Scholarships 1-2022. Click on this content.
  • Select option ParticipationAt this point, you must create a username and password to enter the form. There, fill in the required personal data and when done, select the option ‘save’. Here the system automatically takes you back to the previous page.
  • Now log in with your username and password.
  • Review the document and Accept terms and conditions before you start recording.
  • Finally, fill in the data in the registration form and Attach the required documents. Check them out and hit save!

They explain that the process is free and does not require intermediaries. The Bucaramanga Mayor’s Office covers 100% of the scholarship.

Said Juan Carlos Cardenas, Mayor of Santander Capital.

People who do not have the connection or technical tools for the respective registration procedure to apply for one of the scholarships, can approach any of the eight digital points in Bucaramanga. On Tuesday, May 17th, the Ministry of Education will publish the results of the selected recipients.

This project is implemented through the Higher Education Fund of the Bucaramanga Municipal Office. The investment the municipality made in this call was $1,382,095,552 million, according to the mayor.

  • Technology in environmental sanitation.
  • Technology in agricultural management.
  • agricultural technology.
  • Labor Technician, Logistics and Supply Assistant.
  • Technology in Civil and Construction Management.
  • Technology in managing wireless networks.
  • Technology in industrial electronic automation.
  • Labor Technician, Early Childhood Education Assistant.
  • Technology in the dental lab.
  • Technology in Tourism Management and Social Development.
  • Technology in gastronomic management.

“In the first semester of 2022, Bucaramanga has 951 sustainability students with an investment of $4,058,329,002 million,” added Ana Leonor Rueda, Bucaramanga’s Minister of Education.


Life gave young Johan Manuel Rodriguez Galvez a second chance, although he never expected to study in prison. He did so thanks to a scholarship awarded by the Bucaramanga Mayor’s Office through the municipal education secretary.

His story is that when you want you can and between “bars and pubs” as the patron states, He was able to complete his studies as a Professional Technician in Commercial Logistics at Fitec University Foundation.

“One always dreams of this aid because it is so useful there. Being alone so many times you think: Oh, please a book. The Bible has helped me a lot, but studying has changed my life,” Rodriguez Galvez told the press team at the Bucaramanga Mayor’s Office.

While in prison, Rodríguez belonged to a community called Nuevos Horizontes, which aims to resettle many of the young people in prisons. Whoever has the “stick” of this program, is the Inpec fortune teller, Heriberto Florez. He is the soul and life of this detoxification, support and treatment and was an angel for this guy who got a scholarship from the municipality administration.

Johan Manuel’s career lasted for two years, he studied in prison a year and a half, the remaining six months of his style he completed abroad while working as a taxi driver in the Bucaramanga metropolitan area.

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