How to apply for scholarship programs to study at local and foreign universities

The scholarship scenario in Colombia is broad because public and private institutions and universities have the possibility to grant semester waivers to Colombian students who meet requirements such as maintaining an academic average or taking a foreign language proficiency test if it is an overseas program.

In any case, the first step in choosing a scholarship is to be clear about the topics that interest you and the professions that stick to the academic profile. To analyze the offer, the Universia platform on its portal allows you to analyze the current offer that is still open or filtered by specialties. In this case, the platform notes that for Colombian applicants, there is an offer of 37 options, some of which are national, such as the offer of Gilberto Echeverri Corporation, which intends to benefit 400 people with an investment of $5,400 million, or foreigners with banks such as Santander.

The experts here also point out that if the scholarship you want to study abroad is, you can search for it in Grad Schools, Paterson or top universities.

Universities in Colombia
Most of them have a scholarship program for students that they can cover up the entire program. Here, it is important to take into account the order in which the entity was found when performing the search.

In the case of private entities, the requirements are excellent academic performance in their secondary school and that they have no economic potential to access higher education. In the case of public universities, in addition to academic excellence, there are other agreements with Minciencias.

Grancolombiana Polytechnic, which has had a scholarship program since 2008, recommends that applicants be honest about their case, without maximizing or minimizing the reasons that motivate their application. Here, assessment is directed by professionals with training in human domains, empathy skills and the ability to identify important variables beyond verbal behaviour.

Institutions like Externado also offer waivers or exemptions due to position and have increased the number of second-semester scholarships to 200. In addition, they number 75 for old students.

Tips to do the application correctly
After clarity on the programme, a timetable should be established for the delivery of documents and application, taking into account the university’s response time and thereafter, the legalization of the scholarship or credit. Colfuturo recommends starting the research period and submitting documents in the middle of the year to apply and have enough time to start studying. If the degree is carried out abroad, the required language and additional expenses associated with living outside the country must be taken into account, because in many cases, scholarships do not include support or transportation.

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