How do you get a certificate of withdrawal of visas?


Integrated Enrollment System CertificateIt is one of the main tools available to the Ministry of Education to control the allocation of places for students of different levels, and is essential for A student can transfer from one educational institution to anothereither because you are moving out of town, or for personal interests, for this, you will have to request withdrawal and the corresponding certificate from the educational institution you are attending in order to do the due process.

in this way, The institution may carry out the information process of the registration system On demand and correctly perform the procedure.

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It should be noted that the student must submit the application Determine the reason for making the withdrawal and keep all identification documents it is necessary. In addition, it is necessary to comply with all legal standards to help the educational system function better.

It is important to mention that The educational institution is responsible for completing and recording the procedure in the Simat . systemAfter the student signs the registration book and mentions the reasons that prompted the change of institution. Likewise, it is important for the student to be in good standing with the school.

Once the process is completed, the institution must send this certificate to the student.

Eye, If the student is of legal age, he can conduct the application process himself From the certificate in front of the academic reference. However, if he is a minor, he must be the guardian or legal representative of the student executing the application.

Finally, don’t forget that There is no cost to issue this certificate. The process and issuance of the withdrawal certificate do not represent any cost to the person requesting it.

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