How do you apply for the MEC Scholarship to study English?

The high price of English language academies and summer camps can lead many families to exclude the possibility of enrolling their children in intensive courses to learn or reinforce the language. But, MEC . Scholarships Provided by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MEFP) may be the solution.

Like every year, the government gives Spanish students the possibility to get financial aid to take different courses or pay for dining room service and school transportation. Among all these are lozenges To be able to study a Intensive immersion course in English in Spain.

In the case of a request for MEC 2022 scholarships, max 2400 seats for youth between 17 and 20 years old. Beneficiaries will attend a course in One week The term will take place in July and will be organized by the companies that have contracted with the MEFP themselves. Do you want to apply for the scholarship to study English? We tell you what the steps and requirements are.

When can I apply for the MEC scholarship?

The application period is open from February 13 and will not close until April 4, 2022.

What are the requirements to apply for the scholarship to study English?

  • to have Boy Between January 1, 2002 and December 31, 2005.
  • He is registered In the academic year 2021/202 in:

– Baccalaureate

Average FP score (vocational training)

Intermediate degree in plastic arts and design

Intermediate level of physical education

Professional education for music and dance

Intermediate or advanced language education

  • After he got in the school year 2021/22 on a condition Specialized in a scientific field Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.
  • You have Passed successfully Academic year 2020/21 and have a minimum final score of 7.00 in English, although students with a higher score will have preference. To this note, 1.5 points will be added to applicants for a new award.

How to Apply for the MEC Scholarship for Intensive English Course?

To apply for the scholarship to study English, you must click on the button Access to the online service which you will find at the top of this page.

After completing your data, you will receive this certificate, which you must print and submit at the Study Center so that they formally certify the academic data needed to accept the application.

Remember to start actions early to complete the whole process before the end Application deadline On 4 April 2022.

When will the scholarship amount be resolved and paid?

Once the scholarship has been submitted and the application deadline has passed, the ministry ends 6 months To process all requests. For this reason, processing will start in that period and once it does, it is a matter of waiting about two months for it to resolve.

You should regularly access to electronic office From the MEFP, to check that there is no news regarding the call, any requirements or any other issue regarding your application submission.

Will I have to pay for accommodation, maintenance and transportation?

The assistance covers all costs of teaching, materials, maintenance, and housing. however, Transportation to facilities It is borne by the student or his family who must also pay 100 EUR for the institution.

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