How do you apply for a college scholarship in the region?

The Jóvenes a la U program has opened its second call, seeking to benefit nearly 4,000 students For free access to professional, technical or professional university positions of higher education.

The Minister of Education for the region opened this possibility for the second time, the fourl Offers free registration at one of our 32 partner institutions of higher education. The cost of these studies is covered by the entity, local development funds and universities.

“This is one of the best public and private education opportunities for the city’s youth, through a flexible, inclusive and high-quality model, that recognizes education as the key agent of social and economic transformation,” said Education Minister, Elsa Bonilla.

This program is divided into three linesThe first is general admission, where the call is opened for interested students, the second is the timeline, which aims to provide support to young people who are already enrolled in an academic program, and the third is direct private admission to those who applied and did not get enough points to get the benefit.

“Through this strategy, young people will not only graduate with a degree, but also develop skills and participate in building a sustainable, productive, competitive and innovative city that generates opportunities for economic and social development for all residents,” the entity says through your website.

Regarding the Extended General Acceptance Line, These are the requirements:

  • You must be under 28 years old.
  • Be a high school graduate from a public or private school in the capital city of Bogotá
  • Proof of residence in Bogota, the capital
  • Saber 11 test submitted.
  • Failure to enroll in a higher education program during the last semesters before the start of the call, i.e. in the first and second semesters of 2021.
  • Not be a graduate of a higher education program at the professional, technical, technological or university levels. The exception to this requirement is for SENA graduates.
  • Not to withdraw from the Jóvenes a la U program on its first call after certification of interest.
  • Registration through the specified links, in the terms of the call, and on the specified dates.

Beneficiaries of the “Jóvenes a la U” program will carry out activities in the social training componentthrough which the county seeks compensation from citizens for the capital investment they make for their future careers.

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