Hispanic Angel Aguilar Graduates With Honors From High School At The Age Of 15 In Houston | NIVISION 45 HOUSTON KXLN

Houston, Texas. – Ángel Aguilar, 15, graduated from high school with honors and will receive his degree in May from Premier High School.

However, it is not the most impressive for a Hispanic who will begin his studies at the University of Houston in August with a full scholarship to study computer science.

The dream of a son of a Mexican mother and a Guatemalan father is to have a company and help immigrants who, like their parents, seek a better future in this country.

says Abigail Hernandez, mother of a minor to Univision 45.

Aguilar is the second of 4 siblings, and as Hernandez explains, he excelled in studies from a young age.

He always got first places and was part of the Gifted Kids Program

The minor’s mother said that it was his parents’ pride to see his achievements and his heart in the service of Spanish society.

“We are very proud that he has always been a very devoted child to his studies, since he started school when he was 3 years old, he has always won first places in his academic competitions and now that he is about to be 15, he is going to graduate from high school. He is ready to enter university” Hernandez noted.

For Angel, the support of his parents was very important

“I always thank them for looking for opportunities for me, and without them I don’t think I would be in this position now, they always pushed me to try more, they were always there behind me supporting me,” Angel added.

The Spaniard invites young people like him to continue studying

“Never give up, find the discipline to always review topics in school, always try to find options for asking for help, many of them make mistakes on a topic and think that the world is ending, but no, they can always ask for help from their students. Teachers or other students ”concluded the guy.

There are options for Hispanic students

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