His 19-year-old daughter is terminally ill: he needs to be transferred but there is a delay in the payment of scholarships

Members of the Mar del Plata collective “Troubled Mothers” They denounced that the municipality of General Poiridon pays only a third of the scholarships allocated to cover referrals for treatments people with disabilities. The breach was reported by Victoria Torresthe mother of April, a 19-year-old girl with cerebral palsy and a degenerative disease, who, as of this date, is in “the final level“.

They admitted from the municipality to this medium that there were delays in the payment of these grants, but made it clear that everything possible was being done to speed up the bureaucratic processes that must be overcome to resolve these issues.

“I don’t always have cash to pay for transfers and the neighbors pick me up quickly. There’s nothing else for me to do for April, but at least I need to know that when something happens, I’ll take the ambulance to take it,” the woman lifted, to 0223.

According to the member of “Mamás en Lucha”, during the administration of Carlos Arroyo, a commitment was agreed with the municipality to guarantee coverage for the transportation of children, which was renewed with the arrival of Guillermo Montenegro.

Victoria Torres criticized the Disability Department’s responses.

“Before we charge a fee every month, but now we sign every three months, and out of the three months they have to pay us, we only charge one. In other words, we sign like we’re asking for money, but in reality what they pay us is a month and not three” , she insisted.

In addition, April’s mother wondered that in this section of the Montenegrin administration, the scholarship amount was never updated. “The little money they pay us is still the same as before. who has not changed“, nibble.

A spokeswoman for the local group reiterated, “My child is very sensitive and every time I have to move her, since Same doesn’t come to pick her up, I have to ask for money to take her at Servisa to Interzonal Hospital.”

While maintaining the lawsuit against the municipality, the mother is also asking the Mar del Plata community to help get diapers and anti-decubitus mattresses. Anyone interested in bringing in donations can contact 2235315288.

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