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The Lab, an initiative of Chicken & Egg Pictures, has awarded numerous feature documentary projects from around the world

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(Egg) celerator Lab, an initiative of Chicken & Egg Pictures, described as a “pioneer in support of gender-non-consistent women and filmmakers,” has awarded grants to feature-length documentary projects directed (or co-directed) by first- or second-time directors. The $40,000 grant will be allocated to one-year production and mentorship, while – for the first time ever – each will receive a final grant of $15,000 to an Introducing Laboratory (Egg).

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“The $550,000 grant represents the largest amount that Chicken & Egg Pictures has directed to emerging filmmakers through (Egg) celerator Lab in a single year,” says CEO. Jenny Wolfson. “We know that there are many exceptional films and filmmakers who need and deserve production support, so it is especially important to us that we can expand our reach to a total of 20 projects in 2022.”

away from 7 beats per minuteAnd jonamAnd life + lifeAnd matryoshkaAnd Olympia And our girlsthree European co-productions made the cut: here, Silence meI heard (Chile / Spain), Baba (Moldova / Romania) and wife (Belarus / Estonia).

at here, Silence he is he heardboss Gabriella Pena Focuses on a personal story, after arriving in Chile in the old house her family abandoned in exile, “the ghosts of an unstoppable family spell begin to appear at night.” Pina will also produce the movie Picchu Garciawho is involved in management. Lina Vdovici And Rado Ciorniciuc – After the award of Sundance Acasă – my house [+lee también:
entrevista: Radu Ciorniciuc
ficha de la película
– He will also keep things in the family Baba (See interview), produced by Monica Lazurian GorganVdovîi’s strained relationship with her violent father takes an unexpected turn once she discovers he has become a victim of labor exploitation.

Finally, in wifeProducer Volya Chagkoskaya It will turn into the output, with the help Evo FeltAnd Christian Pop And Marius Marquisius. “When starting this film in 2020, I was motivated by the idea of ​​female leadership and the so-called ‘female face’ of the Belarusian revolution, because I believe that a large number of positive transformations in the world are possible if women get more votes and opportunities,” says Chagkoskaya. “My initial motivation was based on my admiration for brave Belarusian women, who dared to start a fight against the dictatorship. This ironic title, a work in progress, indicates how the media and society tend to perceive and present women in patriarchal societies like Belarus – as merely an accessory to men. Status The present in Ukraine has a great influence on my personalities and on my country, and makes the subject I am working on more relevant and relevant than ever before.”

Include the list of qualified candidates for the laboratory Claire Weskov And Nicholas van Himmelrickan offer Alice; Pascal Abora Jenkindi And ninji sunbehind eat bitter; Maya Leko And Christopher Kingmy boss How to build a library; Vicki Doo (sunset light); Sasha Wurzel (grass river); Silvia Castanos And Stephanie Contreras (Hummingbirds); Emily McRitchian (There was, there was no); Sharon Young And Natalie A Chow (We are volcanoes); Ivy MacDonald (when they were here); Finally Shirley Abraham And Amit is pastwith a new project.

Chicken and Egg Pictures was founded in 2005 by Julie Parker PinelloAnd Wendy Ettinger And Judith Helfand. Since its inception, the organization has provided more than $9 million in grants and thousands of hours of creative mentorship to more than 400 filmmakers.

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