Guide to getting a scholarship and doing a medical course in France

The training of any health professional is comprehensive and rigorous. The reason is that both theory and practice must be covered in order to have the minimum necessary knowledge. Traditionally, all studies must be conducted within the country, although there is the possibility of a role abroad. With this in mind, if you want to get a scholarship to do a program Medical rotation in France Then the following suits you.

In this sense, one of the dreams of all students is Moving abroad to do part of preparing them as future doctors. The main problem that some face is economic because life in other countries is not cheap, especially in the so-called first world countries. Scholarships are very useful for this.

The ability to do part of your studies in another country offers multiple benefits. It is not only related to medical knowledge, but also offers other satisfaction. Knowledge of foreign culture is valuable in every respect. In addition, it also allows Learn about hospital infrastructure in other countries and the way doctors from the rest of the world think.

There are many options, but if what you want is to get a scholarship to do a medical rotation in France, there is one main path. Mexican YouTuber Pao Ríos created a Tutorial with your experience and how you got it.

Based on your experience, ideally Consult the Scholarships Without Borders portal supported by the French Embassy in Mexico. This feature is introduced every year which is why it is necessary to constantly review the call histories to request this support.

Program Goals

  • Giving opportunity to medical and surgical students and residents
  • Educate students about the priority disciplines to take care of their population.
  • Preference for priority research topics for French and Mexican universities.
  • Establishing academic relations between institutions with high medical specializations in France and Mexico
  • With the approval of the host university and institution, it will be possible to extend the stay for up to an additional 3 months, depending on the budget available for this programme.

Scholarship Amount

Financial support includes a ticket to France (round trip).
Payment of up to 1,000 euros per month, depending on whether or not co-financing is possible.

On the other hand, there are also various requirements that must be fulfilled to apply for the scholarship. The first thing is to check if your university has an existing agreement. In addition, it is also necessary to have a good knowledge of the French language. To prove this, a document that proves it must be submitted.

In addition to the above, you should also Write your CV that includes details of your studies to date. It is also helpful if you have written medical articles or have additional studies.

Finally, you must write a letter with the reasons for obtaining a scholarship and doing a medical rotation in the European country. This document is essential and you should write quite frankly to convince the jury. It’s the last candidate but also the toughest.

For now, we are sharing with you the video of the medical student in which she details everything she had to do to achieve her dream.

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