Guajiros can access postgraduate scholarships in the US

It is a very good opportunity for professionals in this department, who are entitled to three totally free scholarships to study in the United States. Purely illustrative picture.

Three professionals in Guajiro Those belonging to the Afro-communities, will have the opportunity through a scholarship awarded by them US Embassy in Colombia and Columbia Fulbright Commissionto reach Master’s or PhD degree in the North American country.

Scholarships will be awarded to outstanding professionals who are selected through the Academic and Professional Benefits Scheme, giving them the opportunity to study, teach, research, exchange ideas and find solutions to challenges and concerns of local, national and global scope.

Professionals of all residents and ethnic groups from all regions of Colombia, agents of change committed to transforming their communities, educators and researchers, and professional women interested in pursuing a graduate degree in the United States can apply.



Likewise, professionals who are the first in their families to go to university, who compete with a disability, and who, to apply, should review each scholarship program’s terms of reference in detail, available on the web page.

The foregoing is framed in the framework of a strategy Gap reduction And to promote quality and inclusive education, the need expressed The mission of the wise To contribute to the construction and implementation of public policy for education, science, technology and innovation and to support the formation of human capital in graduate studies for Colombians committed to responding to the country’s social, economic and productive challenges.

The Columbia Fulbright Commission and its allies join forces to rehabilitate the country’s human capital and thus reduce the gaps by providing quality education to candidates from different regions of the country who wish to transform their lives, strengthen their communities, and contribute to the social science and educational development of the country’s economy.Diana Pasto Castroexecutive director of the Columbia Fulbright Commission.

The Fulbright Portfolio of Graduate Scholarships has benefited since 1957, 5 thousand 104 people in high-quality graduate programs at US universities, as well as allowing for the formation of international academic and research networks and promoting academic internationalization in Colombia, as well as supporting the national doctoral training program in Colombia.

It should be noted that Fulbright Columbia is the Commission for Educational Exchange between the United States of America and Colombia, and its mission is to promote intercultural knowledge, scientific and research cooperation, and development, through advanced training of leaders who enjoy a high degree of social participation.

The program is present in 160 countries with more than 400,000 beneficiaries around the world and in Colombia it has been operating for 64 years with more than 5,000 beneficiaries, including Colombian and American scholarship recipients.

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