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Griselda Matias Mendoza, a researcher at UAEMéx brings her original roots to the academy

Griselda Areli Matthias Mendoza, originally from the municipality of Lerma, green and gold to the bone; He studied Software Engineering, MSc in Computer Science and PhD in Computer Science at the Tianguistenco Professional Academic Unit at the Autonomous State University of Mexico (UAEMéx).

However, in order to obtain an academic career that would allow her today to be part of the faculty on this campus of the independent state of Mexico, she had to swim against the tide and, above all, impose herself on a traditional family environment in which “women do not need to study because they are getting married and it will support them.”

Griselda has a sister and a brother, they have family support to pursue professional studies and he is an architect. “My parents, 75 and 73, farmers, supported me to pursue my art studies up to high school level, after which I took a four-year break in my academic training,” he said.

During this period I worked for two years as a computer assistant and then a secretary. Most of her colleagues in the places where she worked had a bachelor’s degree and earned more than her, so she decided to continue training, even without the support of her family.

“My brother studied at UAEMéx. I already knew about the recognition the institution has, so it was my first choice. I chose the professional academic unit in Tianguistenko due to its proximity to my home. I looked for the call and I already passed the first round, so I signed up for the second round and passed the test”, He said.

Griselda noted that although she didn’t know what software engineering was, she chose it because her career was in computer science and considered the best thing to do was continue with something related to computing. In addition, he noted, I discovered that UAEMéx was the first to offer a degree in Software Engineering at a national level.

He said that the first time I came to the unit he didn’t know where he was. “My father accompanied me. We arrived at Tianguistenco and no one knew there would be a UAEMéx campus. They sent us to San Pedro and there they told us there was a building, and it probably was there. Indeed, but we arrived and it was closed.”

With her parents refusing to continue to support her, but determined to continue preparing, Griselda began college and landed a job as a babysitter in a subdivision near campus. “My father’s decision to do so forced me to do so with greater determination. My mother, in spite of everything, has always supported me.

The transition from his home to the unit was also not easy. “I woke up at 4:00 in the morning. There was no highway, there were no direct buses or taxis, so I had to go to Toluca and get to Avenida Pino Suárez at 6:00 in the morning to take the bus and get to the campus and start my lessons at 7:00 a.m. The time from home to school was about two hours.”

However, after the first class class, his father realized that he was really serious and gave him his support. In addition, he started looking for scholarships and any kind of financial support from the foundation. In the third semester, he heard about a scholarship for a project and turned to the lead professor, who gave him the opportunity to join a research on a topic he continues to work on hitherto, with many academic fruits: automatic generation of summaries in several idioms.

“The day I graduated from engineering, my parents accompanied me, but at first he refused to take the exam. In the end she was crying because her daughter managed to finish college. Since then, everything has been better in our relationship. I have earned their respect and they are both very proud of me. Now my opinion is important for them,” he said.

Ariely finished her undergraduate studies in 2013, and continued her research work on her master’s degree, and when she started her doctorate, which she finished a year ago, she started teaching, which was very satisfying for her, especially because “the boys are very interested and she wants to learn as much as possible”.

She is the lead author of Discovering Key Ideas and Production of Abstracts in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian, published by Alfaomega. He said that UAEMéx “has allowed me to do many things in the academic field. Publishing this book fills me with joy, it is a great satisfaction.”

Now he directs his research towards indigenous languages. He said in Lerma, “Otomi is spoken. My parents speak this language which is unfortunately lost.”

He explained in this regard that many studies are being conducted for English, Spanish and other common languages, but the indigenous languages ​​are not taught; “Furthermore, the resources are not created so that people can read in their native language,” he said.

For this reason, he is currently working on creating abstracts and digital resources at Otomi. “In Spanish we download news, books and poems, while in indigenous languages ​​there are no resources, so we compile a collection of news from the municipality of Lerma, translated by otome-speaking people,” he emphasized.

Griselda Areli Matias Mendoza emphasized that this is a job that fills her with pride and allows her to do her part in preserving the indigenous languages, in this case, Otomi.

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