Grants, grants and loans to study the second semester – more content

In order to avoid abandonment, support students with economic problems and help parents who have felt a negative impact on their finances as a result of the pandemic, some of the major Higher Education Institutions (IES) in the region will have various credits, scholarships and all kinds of aid for upcoming semesters.

Northern University

In the midst of the situation, the Foundation has created scholarships for new students, such as the Alejandro Obregon Scholarship, Professor Alberto Asa Scholarship, Marvel Moreno Undergraduate Scholarship or Giulio Mofdi Scholarship for Major Studies and

“For 2021, the scholarship and financial support budget is approximately $29,000 million, and the credit limit is another $20,000 million, which will allow us to continue to meet student applications,” said Elkin Hernandez, the university’s chief financial officer.

For the second semester of the year, various institutional scholarships were opened called: Best Icfes, Alejandro Obregón, Caribbean Pride, Marvel Moreno, Professor Alberto Assa; Scholarships in alliance with companies: Gases del Caribe Scholarship, Sí Estudio Lumni Scholarship – Mario Santodomingo Foundation; Scholarships in Alliance with Government: Generation E Component and Excellence. Among other things.

Technological University of Bolivar (UTB)

For its part, the Technological University of Bolivar has a financial portfolio that includes options for all socio-economic attributes. There are Icetex-managed lines of credit and funds, educational loans with banks, cooperatives and employee trusts, Brilla (Surtigas) credit stakes, as well as UTB direct credit, which can be ordered from this second semester 100% digitally through the Fintech platform and with approval in minutes.

“The Foundation will maintain the same economic benefits that it offered in previous semesters. Among them: Coverage with Stock Scholarships, Pa´Lante Caribe Scholarships, Vamos Pa´Lante Scholarships, Excelencia y Talento Caribe Scholarships, Caribbean Leadership Scholarships and SUMA Scholarships, Roger Cabarcas, Chief Financial Officer of UTB commented.

Today, on average, more than 85 percent of undergraduate college students (about 4,200 students) resort to paying for education through financial aid and funding alternatives portfolios.

Rafael Nunez University Company

Within the package of economic measures in favor of students, direct credit exists, without generating current interest, only for default, if it occurs. From this method of financing in the first period of 2021, 186 young people were affected.

Likewise, free registration has been enabled for admission to any academic programme, with the exception of medicine. With this initiative, only 3,453 students benefited in the first semester.

According to university spokespersons, previous financial benefits will be retained for the next academic period. To highlight, discounts on tuition fees will be from 20 to 45 percent, and it changes according to the academic program and shift i.e. if it is day or night. In addition, this feature is considered in the first five chapters of each profession.

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