Grants for practical training at the Ministry of Agriculture for university graduates

The registration period is open until April 29, and graduates in agronomy, forestry, journalism, economics or statistics, among others, can register.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food met 12 practical training scholarships for university graduatesOf these, 7 are for various engineering graduates and the other five are for degrees in social sciences. The beneficiaries will implement practical training activities in the following areas:

a) Agri-Food, Fisheries and Rural Development Statistics
b) the food industry
c) Public administration, financial economics, information technology and financing for the Common Agricultural Policy
D) the health of agricultural production
e) Agricultural production and markets
f) Fishing and aquaculture
g) Rural development, innovation and forest policy
h) agricultural insurance
i) Analysis of agricultural and rural food, forestry, fishing and the future
j) Improving the performance of the food chain

The scholarships have a total monthly allowance of €1,150, will last for one year, and can be extended up to a maximum of two years. The Requirements Applicants must meet:

They have Spanish nationality
· Proficiency in Spanish
be in possession of or in a position to obtain, on the last day of the application period, a postgraduate university degree, diploma, postgraduate, technical engineer, postgraduate qualification or equivalent (agronomy, forestry engineering, veterinary medicine, Journalism, Law and Economics, Computer Science and Statistics)
He must have completed the studies referred to in the previous section in the six years preceding the publication of this invitation extract.
English language skills for level B1

The last date to apply is Open until April 29 The operation is carried out through the website Academic degree and qualifications obtained, special postgraduate training in subjects and specialization studies, languages ​​or computer skills, among other documents must also be attached.

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