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Don’t miss out on your student scholarship. This April, the second application began to be Beneficiary of the Beca18 . program. Do you know what it consists of? Who can apply? What are your requirements? Here we tell you everything.

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Beca18 is a Peruvian program that allows students and graduates of the fifth year of high school to study a career in the best universities, institutes or higher schools in the country with all expenses covered.

Pay attention to deadlines and all that is required, according to information from the National Education Scholarship and Loan Program (Pronabec) of the Department of Education.

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Who can participate in BECA 18?

The people who can participate in Beca 18 are students who have completed their secondary education with high academic performance and who have limited economic resources or are in a vulnerable situation. In the current 2022 call for competition, only youth preselected in December 2021 will participate.

What are the second call requirements for Scholarship 18 2022?

Those shortlisted must re-enter the Selection Application Module (Sibec) from These are the required requirements:

  • You have attended a HEI, location and program of study eligible to begin in the 2022 academic year (you have proof of admission).
  • Completed high school in Regular Basic (EBR), Alternative (EBA), or Special (EBE).
  • Applicants for the Eighteenth Regular Scholarship Method must demonstrate a state of poverty or extreme poverty, according to Midis Sisfoh.
  • Submit declarations and formats generated by the application module.

How can I register for BECA 18?

The entire registration and registration process is free, online and is divided into two phases: the first is the pre-selection of contestants, and the second, the selection of contestants: only the pre-selected participate in it.

What are the ways to access BECA 18?

  • Grant 18 Regular: For talents in cases of poverty or extreme poverty, according to Sufouh.
  • hostel scholarship: For adolescent talents in the event of abandonment and / or protection by the state.
  • CNA and PA Scholarship: For talents belonging to the indigenous Amazonian community or the Afro-Peruvian population.
  • EIB Scholarship: For talents who are proficient in one of the indigenous languages ​​are eligible on this call and wish to study intercultural bilingual education.
  • FF Scholarship. AA: For graduates of the voluntary military service.
  • Huallaga Scholarship: For talents residing in Huallaga.
  • Modified scholarship: For victims of the violence that occurred in the country during the years 1980-2000.
  • Frame Scholarship: For talents from the valley of the Apurímac, Ene and Mantaro rivers.

When are the results applied and delivered?

The Beca 18-2022 Second Moment Application Module will be active from 4 April to 6 May 2022 and the shortlisted candidates will be published on 23 May. Applicants should be aware of their Sibec funds for any notification that may arrive. At this point, only those shortlisted for the 2022 competition can participate, as it is not a new call.

How many places are available for scholarships 18 2022?

The 2022 program has a total of 5 thousand places, divided into two groups:

  • Universities, institutes and educational schools: 4000 scholarships.
  • Technological institutes and schools of higher education: 1,000 scholarships.

It is important to note that in the first application, which was submitted in March, scholarships were awarded to 1,976 students, and the second will be awarded to another 3,024 students.

The distribution of 18 ranked peca in the first and second phases (Photo: Brunabec)

What does scholarship 18 include?

The advantages granted by the State of Peru for this program are as follows:

  • Exam cost or admission volume (if applicable).
  • Enrollment, Tuition, Learning English (only for undergraduate studies and where applicable).
  • laptop.
  • local mobility.
  • Study materials, stationery, clothing and/or uniforms and items
  • Industrial security, where applicable.
  • Accommodation (if applicable), among others.
  • Academic accompaniment and socio-emotional well-being.
  • Transfer between provinces: only at the beginning and end of the scholarship, when applicable.
  • feed.
  • Academic settlement within the first cycle of studies as long as it is
  • An integral part of the curriculum network or regular study plan approved by
  • The IES University Council or the competent body replacing it.

How long is BECA 18 coverage?

The scholarship is awarded for undergraduate studies at universities, institutes and schools of higher education for the duration of the study program according to the IES Curriculum or Study Plan.

  • Universities and educational schools: It must be a minimum for ten (10) consecutive semesters.
  • Institutes and Schools of Higher Technological Education: A minimum of one hundred twenty (120) credit hours must be completed in consecutive academic terms or six (06) or eight (08) consecutive academic terms, as applicable.


For more information use the following channels:

  • Toll Free: 08000018.
  • Telephone exchange: (01) 6128230.
  • WhatsApp: 966429596.
  • Enter:

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