Govt raises economic growth forecast to 9.7%

before the good economy performance and progress in the recovery of various sectors national government Raising the forecast for economic growth for this year from 8.5% to 9.7%.

east GDP increase It reflects a significant recovery compared to 2020 and exceeds the level of 2019 and “reaches a record in the past 100 years,” according to Finance Minister, Jose Manuel Restrepo.

“We are confident that this year we will grow above pre-pandemic levels. Looking at GDP growth so far this year, it has reached 10.3%, which is higher than projected under the Medium Term Fiscal Framework (MFMP) of 2021, where the level of product is 1.5% higher than the level observed in the same period Who said the finance minister that 2019 and with a forecast of 9.7% will close 2.3% above the record for that year.

He explained that this projection was modified in coordination with President Evan DuqueAccording to the analyzes conducted by the government economic team against the numbers of the second and third quarters of the year, with the good performance of domestic demand, and the greater optimism that is reflected in confidence indicators and the recovery witnessed by jobs.

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