Governments should act in academic mobility spaces: AUIP Deans

Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Tito Jose Cristian

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In the presence of the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Tito José Cristian, the Ordinary General Assembly of the Association of Ibero-American Postgraduate Universities (AUIP) took place at the José Consuegra Higgins Theater of Simon Bolivar University.

Upon fixing the conference, Miguel Ángel Castro Arroyo, President of the AUIP, expressed his delight at the great call made by the Assembly after the isolation caused by the pandemic. “We meet again in person and do not do it in an average or standard way but break the record in the presence of delegates and people. This undoubtedly shows the desire we had to meet again and the impulse we want to give our union at a really opportune moment,” he noted.

Castro Arroyo, on behalf of the AUIP, asked the governments of the Ibero-American countries to act decisively and with absolute will, in creating spaces of mobility with a significant economic contribution, and thus, “the concept of the Ibero-American citizen is reinforced as a result of that mobility”. He noted that AUIP should play a leading role because it is the largest organization in the subject and a group of supreme manifestations with responsibility “this is an opportunity not only for survival but to transform the planet of knowledge”.

For his part, Tito Christian Borrero, Ministry of Science, emphasized that it was our pleasure to participate in the gathering of such an important Ibero-American organization, which has in view the future of knowledge and training at the graduate level.

The Minister highlighted the national government’s payment for postgraduate studies. “More than 3,500 PhD scholarships have been awarded and 800 have been awarded through the public royalty system, in addition to another 300 scholarships from the Soy Profe Program, which strengthens support.

Christian stressed that it is necessary to continue to strengthen knowledge networks and standardize doctoral and master’s programmes. “Knowledge is not built alone, it must be done as a team, and if it is at the international level between different countries it is much better. We want researchers to be able to move taking advantage of the resources that governments have for that.”

On behalf of the President of the Government of the Council of Andalusia, Spain, the Secretary General of Universities, Research and Technology, Rosa Maria Rios Sánchez, thanked the invitation to attend the Assembly, which is a matter of joy for two reasons: “a On the other hand, because it shows the interest of all participants in the current and future activities of AUIP, and on the one hand Others, what does it mean to be physically gathered here after two years of suffering from a terrible epidemic.”

For the representative of the Andalusian government, university education, scientific research and innovation represent the three basic axes of knowledge, which in turn represent the strongest basis for the progress of society. The training of university students is a critical component of achieving inclusive, equitable and supportive economic transformation. Due to its fundamental role in all these aspects, the university has the ability to lead the process of change and the overall improvement of society.”

The President of Simón Bolívar University, José Consuegra Bolívar, as host of the Assembly and member of the Executive Committee of AUIP, thanked for the support provided to implement such an important academic day in Barranquilla personally. “This virtuous space of complementarity and synergy encourages the advancement of graduate studies and networks of researchers in our universities and the consolidation of the Ibero-American space of knowledge.”

Consuegra Bolivar highlighted that this year marking the 50th anniversary of the foundation, it was a great opportunity to host the Executive Committee meetings, the Ordinary General Assembly and the International Academic Conference of AUIP.

Today’s session continued into the afternoon with the signing of several institutional agreements, a roundtable of consultations and a meeting of the African International Investment Association Regional Directors.

At night, in the framework of a ceremony at the Latin American House of Culture “La Perla”, the presentation of the AUIP Sustainability Awards (first edition), for AUIP Quality (versions 10 and 11) and the Ignacio Ellacuría Prize (7th edition). Likewise, Memories: 30 years at the helm of the Association of Ibero-American Universities (AUIP) (1989-2019) will be presented.

The presidents and vice presidents of universities from 254 universities from 22 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean and the Iberian Peninsula met at the event. This was the association’s first face-to-face meeting since the pandemic began.

The AUIP It is an international non-governmental organization, recognized by UNESCO, which promotes postgraduate and doctoral studies in Latin America. In addition, it encourages the promotion of scientific research, technological developments and innovation in the Ibero-American knowledge space, by organizing and supporting networks of researchers among affiliated universities.

Programming Friday April 1

International Symposium “Advances in Building the Ibero-American Space of Knowledge: A Look into the Future” from 8:30 am at the José Consuegra Higgins Theatre.

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