Goodbye Chivas, scholarships are over, they make everyone transferable

Fernando Beltran

The situation in Chivas is stressful and requires strong decisions to fix the crisis in which they find themselves, the first to be mentioned was Marcelo Michel Lanio and he has already left the team, but he will not be the only one to leave.

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According to information from Rafael Ramos, the possibility of transferring the entire Guadalajara team will be announced if they do not qualify for the qualifiers, indicating that they will not tolerate more exhibitions such as the one that will be held on Wednesday against Monterrey.

The prestige of the herd is on the ground and the players of the current team are largely responsible for this, the broken dressing room and lack of discipline made the team 14th in the rankings.

What does Chivas need to get into the playoffs?

El Rebaño needs to win at least three of the remaining four to add 23 points, which is the minimum to try to get into the top 12; They will visit Cruz Azul, receive Xolos and Pumas and close in Aguascalientes against Necaxa.

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