Gloria was introduced to the TV play, Safe Driving; New CEO at Western Reserve

The Orrville grade has been awarded Gold Clio and Promax Silver

The Orrville High School graduate received two Industry Awards for editing and producing original content for HBO Max while working at WarnerMedia.

Shayne (Blum) Borenstein received a Gold Clio Award for Original Broadcast Content and a Silver Promax Award in the Backstage Campaign category. The awards were linked to her role on the Ridley Scott series, ‘Raised by Wolves’.

This sci-fi adventure tells the story of two Android devices whose mission is to raise human children on a mysterious planet. Borenstein’s work on the campaign focused on Scott’s creative process, especially his collaboration with designer Janty Yates. Animated comics were a distinctive part of the campaign, bringing Scott’s graphics to life. Scott is probably best known for his classic movies like Alien, Gladiator, and Black Hawk Down.

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