Global College USA is one of the largest sports scholarship administration companies in Europe

Many people in the world choose sports as a way of life, either because of the achievements they can achieve thanks to their talents or because of the emotions that this sport evokes. However, there are not always the necessary resources or spaces to practice sports discipline.

Global College USA is a Spanish company that started its career in sports scholarship management since 2015, becoming the reference in the tennis market in Spain and one of the largest in the world in this sport. This company helps young athletes and students so that they can realize their dreams, and study in the United States, through various exchange programs to the United States. Global College USA offers programs from the age of 13 with programs High school s summer campto Spain’s leading sports scholarship programs at US universities.

Comprehensive support from start to finish

The sports or scholarship in the United States offers long-term benefits for the future. Once the decision is made to start this adventure, they will have access to a leading education system with the best universities in the world, they will get scholarships that better suit their needs and reduce university costs significantly, as well as surround themselves with the language thus strengthening their speaking and writing abilities.

In order to always offer the best processes of close and personal attention, Global College USA initially conducts a free assessment of the options jigsaw survey in the United States, in addition an analysis is developed with the student to find the alternative that best suits them. the needs and wants of his family. It is worth highlighting the entire process of managing the necessary documents, along with planning and preparing for core exams such as the SAT and TOEFL.

Studying abroad is a major challenge for many students and their families. However, at Global College USA you can find close facilities to make the dreams of athletes from all over the world come true.

Sports leadership at the national and international levels

During its course, Global College USA accumulates in its course Over 800 athletes and scholarship students in the US. In 2022 alone, more than 300 athletes from more than 20 countries around the world will be sent to the United States, with tennis being the discipline most involved with more than half that number of tennis players and where the World College USA is located. As a leading company in Spain and Europe and one of the largest in the world.

Other sports such as athletics, football, swimming, golf, basketball and volleyball are sports in which Global College USA focuses in order to grow in the same way as tennis and follow the same path. Currently, more than 100 athletes from these disciplines each year trust Global College USA to be able to live their American dream.

Now that they have a solid base in Spain, they see that it is possible to expand their company through the franchise category to different countries of the world, contacted because in their regions there is no similar management organization, they comment on CEO Jorge Carter. The expansion process has already begun, in fact there are already several approaches and negotiations are underway to open two potential new franchises in 2022.

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