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Gallery of Jobs, Courses and Scholarships to Study in Miami

As Miami establishes itself as a tech hub, the demand for jobs that require programming, cybersecurity, cloud computing, data analytics, and AI skills will continue to grow, and with it, the prospects for higher wages will soar above $60,000 and $70,000.

If this is good news for city dwellers, it is best if there are opportunities to take accelerated courses, or focus entirely on a four-year career in these areas, while applying for grants and scholarships for these studies.

Miami Dade College offers the MDC Tech Platform, which aggregates information about the college’s programs and scholarships in one online location, as well as connecting employers, community centers, and students so they can access talent and opportunities in Miami’s technology ecosystem.

“MDC Tech is a very big umbrella, the first thing is to prepare the student, the second is to help them find a job,” Antonio Delgado, vice president of innovation and technology collaboration at Miami-Dade College, told the Miami Herald. She pointed out that Miami has a lot of talent and one of the platform’s goals is to connect them with employers.

At the same time, the college will host a career fair presented by Venture Miami, the task force created by Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, to advance the city’s technology and innovation ecosystem, which also has among its goals to connect talent with jobs.

The Venture Miami Tech Job Fair, a free event open to the public, is taking place this Thursday, April 14, from 4-7 p.m.

More than 60 companies will seek local talent to fill both technology and non-technical positions. Job applicants are required to be prepared for the interview and to be hired immediately, so dress appropriately, with an updated CV and the documents needed for the job.

Participating companies include Zumper, Trend, OpenStore, Slalom, Schonfeld, Reef, Amazon, Majority, Inktel, Kaseya, Blackstone, EveryMundo and Blockchain.

Preparation center for technical jobs in Miami

MDC has established itself as an option to prepare students for the jobs of the future. His program in partnership with Tesla to train electric vehicle technicians is a popular option in Miami, which now also has a special grant to train women to service Tesla cars.

In February, MDC announced that it would receive investment of $15 million from the City of Miami, Miami-Dade County, the Knight Foundation and the Downtown Miami Development Authority to expand technology programs.

One of the areas that have benefited from this program, with a great demand for job creation today, and which will be more popular in the future, is the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

“Most of the investment received by MDC will be devoted to teaching students what AI is and how to apply it,” Delgado said.

Students in the MDC Center for Cyber ​​Security, a technology major, which will now be expanded with Artificial Intelligence courses, as a pathway to prepare students for well-paying jobs. Sam Navarro Special for the Miami Herald

General knowledge about artificial intelligence will be available to all students, not just those who specialize in the field, to prepare them at a basic level for these skills in the future, Delgado identified.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of a computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks normally performed by humans because it requires intelligence and judgment.

Some of the courses that will be offered at MDC will focus on applied artificial intelligence, which allows Netflix to recommend new options for you. flow Guided by your past tastes, an example is Delgado.

Delgado adds that AI helps companies understand business data very effectively, which saves resources, so its practical applications are endless.

Artificial Intelligence Courses at MDC

The college will begin with a pilot program, Thinking with Artificial Intelligence, to be offered in the fall semester of 2022, which begins in September.

It has a grant to develop interdisciplinary courses and certificates in Artificial Intelligence, with the aim of creating a four-year Bachelor’s degree in Applied Artificial Intelligence.

“This course was created jointly with the non-profit organization AI4ALL, which provides us with a trainer who provides specific programming details using Python, and also talks about the ethical use of this technology,” Eduardo told El Nuevo Herald. Salcedo, professor of engineering, technology and design at MDC.

Salcedo points out that everything around us today is connected to artificial intelligence (AI), from the way products are placed in CVS, which analyzes data to see what height is best to place milk bottles, to Google Maps indicators where there is more traffic.

“Everything was created based on data accumulated by devices, and the more data generated with artificial intelligence, the better it is at delivering the service,” Salcedo noted.

The college is looking for professors in artificial intelligence and plans to create an undergraduate degree in artificial intelligence, which can be obtained in two years. To do this, MDC collaborates with specialists who have worked at NASA, IBM and Amazon.

When a student graduates as an artificial intelligence specialist, a relatively new field, Salcedo said, he can earn a salary of more than $60,000, noting that they measure what graduates of a similar discipline earn, data analysts.

As part of the college’s technology push, Seif Echoff, former chief innovation and technology advisor to Mayor Suárez, has been awarded the Presidential Fellowship for Innovation and will now serve as technical advisor to MDC President Madeleine Pomarga.

As part of its mission to establish a connection between regional industry partners and existing programs and initiatives at MDC

“I think the most important pillars of Miami’s competitiveness are people-centric. Companies that grow understand that they have to invest in acquiring, retaining and developing talent, noting that companies are forging “strategic partnerships with higher education institutions like MDC to invest in their future of By paying for internships and apprenticeships to its leaders. . And the staff.

Tech jobs fair in Miami

Venture Miami Tech, April 14, 4-7 p.m., Wolfson Campus, 300 NE 2 Ave.

You can register to attend the fair here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/venture-miami-tech-hiring-fair-2-tickets-228460751257?

Use coupon code VENTUREMIAMI to get two free $15 Uber credits. The code will be active only one hour before and after the event.

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