Fundación Universia activates 150 new places in the “periodic plan” to promote digital skills training

The “circular plan” is one such payment solution where the institution anticipates the cost of training students, who will return the amount monthly and only if they get a job with a total value of more than 18,000 euros per year.

Through the bootcamp, students will develop skills in technology areas such as web or mobile development, big data and machine learning, Blockchain, Devops, or cybersecurity.

Madrid, 09 March 2022.
Fundación Universia, which has the support of Banco Santander to develop its activities through Santander universities, is revitalizing this socially responsible initiative for the second year in a row, which will help promote the high employability of up to 150 new students through the “Plan Circular”.

Through this initiative, it reinforces its commitment to the ever increasing demand for technology files by companies. These new digital careers have become a priority option for a large portion of young Spaniards.

Universia offers the cost of training to students, who repay the amount in small monthly installments, with a maturity of 40 months, without interest (not a loan or credit) and only if they get a job whose salary exceeds a total of 18 thousand euros per year. The ‘circular plan In the latest version, 71 people, who are currently finishing their training and getting to their first job, have been promoted.

Access to bootcamp training, or an intensive digital skills training program, works in a circular fashion. 100% of the money returned by the student will go to training more students and allowing others to achieve their goals.

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