Fulbright Scholarships to study in the USA How to apply for the program?

In 1946, US Senator J. William Fulbright, the program that bears his name, is firmly convinced that International educational exchanges will be a crucial factor in establishing and maintaining peace, now that World War II has already been overcome.

It’s a model of international cooperation in effect so far and that was Fulbright’s idea after completing his graduate studies at the University of Arkansas and the subsequent Rhodes Scholarship that the Democrat received to study at Oxford in three years and stay in Vienna for another six months.

This program arrived in Colombia on January 9, 1957 and since then It has been reported by more than 4,000 people interested in pursuing graduate studies and research in the United States. Being a model for international cooperation, the relationship between the two countries has also allowed US citizens to obtain scholarships that promote bilingualism and research development in the country. To date, the Fulbright Program is present in 160 countries and has benefited more than 380,000 people worldwide.

Education, Culture and Science has been part of this program synonymous with academic and professional excellence that seeks to “contribute to the advanced training of world leaders with a high degree of social commitment”. In total, 57 Nobel laureates, 82 Pulitzer Prize winners, 6 Prince of Asturias laureates, and 33 heads of state, including President Juan Manuel Santos, were Fulbright Scholars.

How to apply for the program?

There are various types of scholarships offered by the Columbia Fulbright Commission and two of them are currently active. To apply, interested candidates should review the terms of reference for each scholarship program in detail, available on the website: www.fulbright.edu.co.

Fulbright Scholarship for Columbian English Professor

Columbian Fulbright Professor of English Language Scholarship (FLTA for its English name), It offers scholarship holders the opportunity to teach 20 hours per week of Spanish language classes on foundation or intermediate courses at universities in the United States. In addition, scholarship winners will also have to support the Spanish departments of the institution assigned to them in a period of 9-10 months.

The call for applications for this program will be open until August 6, 2021 and is funded by the Colombian Ministry of Education thanks to the alliance with the Columbia Fulbright Commission.

“This program represents for the Ministry an opportunity to comply with the strategic line related to the quality of education for a future with opportunity, through Financial and technical support for teachers of higher education institutions and graduates of a bachelor’s degree with an emphasis on the English language to improve teaching and learning skills, Increasing the level of English and knowledge about US society and culture,” the Columbia Fulbright Committee highlights.

This scholarship was launched in 2009, and since then, 47 Colombians, including students and teachers, have benefited. Both final semester students in these fields and professionals can apply.

Fulbright Scholarship Hubert H. Humphrey Scholastic

Calls for the Hubert H. Humphrey Fulbright Scholarship began on May 24 and will run through August 6. This is for 10 months and It seeks to provide an enriching experience and academic and professional development in the United States.

It is intended for professionals with an undergraduate degree from at least a four-year program and a minimum score of 440 in English on the TOEFL ITP, 42 on the TOEFL iBT and 5.0 for IETLS Academic. In addition, candidates must have an outstanding professional career and verifiable experience in their field, without neglecting the fact that leadership ability and social commitment also play an important role in their application.

Human and institutional development, rights and freedoms, sustainability and prosperity of societies are the four categories that scholarship candidates can apply to. Depending on the chosen area, each fellow will be assigned to one of the program’s 13 host universities to contribute to their academic and professional training.

These activities include attending leadership seminars, networking meetings and conferences to discuss global issues. The program concludes with a six-week professional internship, which will give the scholarship recipient work experience and relationships in American society,” the Columbia Fulbright Commission highlights.

Current invitations are for scholarship holders who will be traveling to the United States during 2022, it is important to review the requirements for each of them before submitting their application.

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