Fulbright Scholarships for Postgraduate Study in the United States

The United States and Colombia Fulbright-Columbia Educational Exchange Commission has launched its first call for this year 2022 to search for candidates from all regions and population groups in the country, in order to provide training opportunities in Masters and PhD degrees for Colombian professionals and researchers who wish to study at American universities.

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This call that It will be open until May 2ndseeks to promote educational and cultural exchange through scholarships for professionals who have a high degree of social commitment to the state and who promote the social and productive development of their territories and communities, to give them the opportunity to pursue postgraduate studies, exchange ideas and find solutions to local, national and global challenges.

The exact benefits of Fulbright scholarships vary depending on the type of program you are applying to. However, in general, The scholarships cover academic expenses (waiver of tuition fees and/or university costs), support and international airfare to and fromOrientation Seminar, Pre-Academic Program, ASPE Basic Program, Visa Cost and Processing, Comprehensive Accompaniment and Monitoring.

Selected candidates must return to Colombia at the end of their study programs and remain in the country for a minimum of two (2) years, during which time they must repay the knowledge acquired during the scholarship.

The scholarship portfolio consists of In total for six (6) scholarship programs for masters and doctoral studies in the USA. In the following link you can find the different characteristics of each scholarship: Find here for Postgraduate Scholarships Collection 2022. At this same link, you can apply for the scholarship that interests you.

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