Fulbright Scholarships for Postgraduate Studies in the US: How to Apply?

The Administrative Department for Social Prosperity (DPS), together with the Columbian Institute for Educational Credit and Technical Studies Abroad (Icetex) and the Columbia Fulbright Commission—through the Youth in Action Program—has opened the call for scholarships to be awarded to selected professionals through a system of academic and professional benefits.

According to the terms of reference for the Fulbright DPS Youth in Action Scholarship, “This call is part of the need expressed by the Mission of Wise Men to contribute to building and implementing public policy for education, science, technology, innovation and Supporting human capital formation in graduate studies for Colombians committed to responding to the country’s social, economic and productive challenges“.

Likewise, it details that the call seeks to promote application in priority areas identified by the Mission of the Wise as being “of great importance to Colombia’s development”:

  • convergent technologies
  • Cultural and creative industries
  • sustainable energy
  • Biotechnology, environment and bioeconomics
  • Ocean Resources and Hydrobiology
  • Social sciences and human development with equity
  • Life and Health Sciences
  • Basic and space sciences

For this occasion, the invitation aims to Contribute to the high-level training of up to five Colombian university professionals that at the time of applying for the scholarship, they have completed accompanying them in the training program, supported by the Jovenes en Acción program and who wish to carry out master’s programs at universities in the United States, starting in the second semester of 2023

Selected candidates must return to Colombia at the end of their study programs and remain in the country for a minimum of two years, during which time they must repay the knowledge they acquired during the scholarship, as detailed in the terms and conditions of the scholarship.

The Administrative Department for Social Prosperity (DPS) will make its contributions to the program under a 100% waived education credit number. The duration of the funding is up to twenty-four months, counted from the start of master’s studies in the second semester of 2023. It is important to note that Candidates selected under the invitation will not be able to defer their scholarship.

The call has been active since February 22 and will run until May 2. More than 5,104 people across the country have benefited from Fulbright Columbia programs.

How to apply?

According to the terms of reference, the steps to apply for the scholarship are:

  • Carefully read the terms of reference and attachments for the scholarship you will be applying for.
  • Fill out the Fulbright Program Registration Form
  • Obtain all the documents and information required in the Requirements and Documents Required for the Terms of Reference for the scholarship for which you will be applying.
  • Fill out the Laspau form and apply on the LASPAU Platform. To make it easier to complete, see application instructions.

The selection process consists of two stages:

Technical review (compliance with requirements): The Fulbright Committee reviews applications received during the dates and times specified in the call to verify eligibility and compliance with the requirements set forth in the Terms of Reference.

Academic assessmentApplications that have passed the previous stage are evaluated by committees made up of peer academic evaluators. Each application will be evaluated by at least two peer reviewers, according to the following criteria:

  • a test: Relevance and impact of the proposal in the study area and for Columbia.
  • personal articleCoherence and clarity of interests and reasons for applying for a Fulbright grant.
  • Academic track: In all studies conducted. Academic awards obtained in connection with your application will also be evaluated.
  • Recommendation LettersBriefly describe the candidate’s potential to implement the proposed program of study and highlight the relevant qualities, abilities and characteristics for this purpose.

Then, the candidates with the highest scores during the academic assessment will be called for an interview. The interview stage criteria are: leadership ability, impact, maturity and adaptability. Finally, Fulbright Columbia will nominate candidates who have passed all stages of the selection process and obtained the highest scores.

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