Free technical training workshops in Bogotá

Dance, music, theatre, plastic arts, literature, audiovisual arts and electronic arts are the areas of the free workshops offered by Create the program. Registration is now open!

In 2022, Bogotan will again be able to enjoy its technical training workshops Create the program subordinate Arts District Institute – Idartz-.

The workshops will be offered completely free of charge in 18 technical training centers located in the following cities: Soba, Ingateva, Barrios Unidos, Fontibon, Kennedy, Bossa, Ciudad Bolivar, Martires, San Cristobal, Usme, Rafael Uribe Uribe and Antonio Nariño.

Who can participate?

Children over six years old, young people or adults interested in obtaining technical training. There are no age limits.

What are the tables?

Each of the 18 Crea centers has its own offer of courses and schedules. To get to know them, you can visit

Where and how to register?

At the nearest Crea training center with the following documents:

A copy of the identity document.

A copy of the electric bill.

A copy of the EPS or SISBEN card.

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