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Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (Miciencias)in partnership with the Organization of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture (OEI), launched the “+Women + Science + Equity” programme.And An initiative through which capacity can be strengthened in various fields.

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The call has 10,000 seats are reserved for women only. The Ministry of Science explains: “The program seeks to encourage the scientific career of young women and strengthen their life project through communication, empowerment and leadership, and seeks to integrate them into the national science, technology and innovation system.”

Among the skills enhancement, the initiative seeks to develop participants in science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics, and a second language skills.

Regarding the latter, it is a hypothetical training process in which English and Portuguese languagesTaking into account the importance of communication skills in a second language.

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The initiative will also provide guidance by a woman Featured to inspire young participants; Internship with a focus on research related to country and territory specific challenges; Wheels of communication and knowledge that enhance the relationship with universities, research centers and companies and publish their work.

Who can apply?

The program is directed only to Colombian women aged 18 and 28 years old (completed December 31, 2021) that meet any of the following characteristics:

Technical or technological training students, from any field of knowledge.
They must have completed at least 60% of the academic programme.

Undergraduate students in university education. They must have completed at least 60% of the academic programme.

– Professionals recently graduated from technical, technological or university training with
A maximum of three years from graduation at the time of application.

From Minciencias explained that the selected young women register as students You must maintain this state throughout the program.

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How to apply?

To apply, you must make one registration in the official program form, available at the following link, in the “Registration” option:

Please note that this document will only be available until Friday 30 July. On August 5, the list of those selected will be published. After that, the training process will begin, which will be virtual.

Upon registration, the form will send you a confirmation email upon successful completion. This functionality depends on the availability and operation of the platform. It is recommended to take screenshots at the end of the form or in case of problems with the platform. This screenshot should show the recording date and time.

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Now, Minciencias stressed that they will have priority access: young people belonging to ethnic groups (Indigenous, Black, Afro, Raizales, Palenqueros and Rom), women with disabilities, women victims of armed conflict and those with Sisbén A, B or C

Does it have any cost?

no. Participation in the program is voluntary and free. The expenses included in the terms of the program will be covered by the Ministry of Science and its allies. Any other unspecified expenses that the applicant wishes to cover, must do so by their own means.

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What are the registration deadlines?

This is the program schedule:

Registration form opening date: May 25, 2021.
Registration form closing date: July 30, 2021 until 3:00 PM (Columbia time).
Publication of the list of participants: August 5, 2021.
– Publication of the youth selection methodology for the second training phase: August 15, 2021.

If you have any other questions, you can refer to the initiative terms here.

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