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Through the virtual seedbeds of Employment Agency Colsubsidiopeople with different profiles will be able to access for free, English courses at different levels.

The courses, which are offered to groups of no more than 20 people each, have a certificate at the end that will add value to the professional profile of the attendees, with the aim of providing employment opportunities.

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The first profile that Courses It is intended for professionals from any field of training, university students, technologists, technicians and high school graduates who want to acquire, strengthen or update language skills and abilities. Einglish.

This course is called English for speaking purposes From level A2 to B1 and before starting, a classification test must be taken to ensure the minimum level required, which is A1 in the Common European Framework.

The duration of the course is 105 hours, and after its completion, the student can apply to continue the course English for speaking purposes B1 to B2

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The next course offered by the recruitment agency Colsubsidio is English for speaking purposes from B1 to B2It is aimed at high school or undergraduate academic graduates, with a B1 level in English, with or without experience in call center, Customer serviceretention, loyalty, sales, or otherwise.

The nursery seeks to improve pronunciation, fluency, grammar and vocabulary in the English language. Its duration is also 105 hours.

Among the requirements to apply for the courses is that you have contributed one continuous year, or intermittently in a 3-year period, to a compensation fund. In addition, you must have a connection and access to a computer.

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People interested in registering or obtaining more information can do so through the website of the recruitment agency Colsubsidio by filling out a form with their details and choosing a focus of interest.

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