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If one of your goals for this year 2022 is to study, take advantage of Free courses and online designed by Harvard university. An opportunity to supplement your knowledge and develop new skills in areas such as the humanities, social sciences, computer science, data analysis, arts, culture, business, management, health and safety, among others.

Courses are implemented through the educational platform edX, Provider Huge courses, open and accredited, created with the help of reputable universities and industry-leading institutions around the world. This is the case of Harvard, the oldest undergraduate educational institution in the United States, which has trained many international leaders.

Harvard offers access to free edX auditing courses, some courses at this Ivy League institution include courses from the College of Business and Law School‘, highlights the edX page.

Keep in mind that if you want to get a course approval certificate, you have to pay a modest amount of money, otherwise you can participate in Free lessons, but you will not be able to perform activities and tests as paid students. In addition, a training offer is available Einglish.

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At this moment there 125 cycles Available, we present some of them.

Harvard University offers 21 computer science courses.

Mechanical ventilation for COVID-19 patients: is the only Spanish-language course for medical professionals who wish to understand the mechanics of respiration for a patient with COVID-19. It has an estimated duration of one week and will be available from January 14 to October 19, 2022.

CS50 Introduction to ComputingThis is an introductory course in programming for people with or without experience, that teaches how to think in an algorithmic way and solve problems efficiently. It covers C, Python, SQL, and JavaScript, as well as CSS and HTML. It will be available from January 14 to December 31, 2022 and has a duration of 12 weeks.

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Practicing leadership and foundational principles: Until June 28, you can register for this course in which you will explore strategies for leadership in an ever-changing world.

The road to happiness, what Chinese philosophy teaches us about the good life
– In this thirteen-week course, you’ll explore the philosophy, ethics, and political theory of ancient China, from Confucianism to Taoism. It will be available until June 14th.

Applied Calculus: This program is for people with a background in univariate calculus and who would like to understand how calculus and mathematical models play a critical role in any field. During 10 weeks you will learn how to analyze mathematical models, including variables, constants and parameters.

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There are 45 courses in history and 36 related courses in the humanities.

Effects of climate change on health: This seven-week course will teach you how climate change affects human health and ways to mitigate its impact on nutrition, migration and infectious diseases. It will be available until September 1.

Science and Cooking: From Fine Kitchen to Soft Matter Science (Chemistry): In this program, Harvard professors explain the science behind the world’s most famous recipes, addressing topics such as the effect of molecules on flavor, and the role of heat in cooking, among others.

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Statistics and programming RThis is an introductory course to basic statistical concepts and R programming skills. The 4-week program seeks to teach the student random variables, distributions, inference, exploratory data analysis, and nonparametric statistics. It will be available until March 16th.

Rhetoric is the art of persuasive writing and rhetoricThis is an 8-week course, available through May 15, that will teach you how to make effective arguments and analyze the opinions of others, a skill that will help you communicate better. To do so, the agenda addresses the most prominent speeches of American leaders such as Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy.

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Entrepreneurship in emerging economies: It is a course taught by Professor Tarun Khanna, who will help you take an interdisciplinary approach to understanding and solving complex social problems. Additionally, for a period of six weeks, it will teach you to be aware of entrepreneurial opportunities in emerging markets. It will be available until December 14th.

If you want to know all the courses offered by Harvard, just enter the Harvard section of the edX platform.

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