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Forge Corporation of Peru jointly announced this with Amazon Web Services (AWS) The second edition of cloud computing skills development courses and job training will be offered free in the country through the AWS re/start program.

The program will prepare youth with limited economic resources in an online setting to develop essential tools for AWS technology, as well as professional skills with the goal of supporting student employment in the cloud.

From the pandemic, there has been rapid advances in digital technology that have introduced and opened new functions aimed at different tasks in the cloud. Ma’an Forge Peruvian Foundation s AWS Re / Start They will offer to bring technology closer to a comprehensive and diverse pool of talent, with or without prior experience, who can start a career in the industry.

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The program will prepare new talents for new careers in technology through real-world exercises, hands-on labs, and coursework. Students will learn about Linux, programming languages ​​such as Python, networking, security, and databases.

Additionally, to validate cloud skills, the program will give students free access to take the exam leading to the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification.

Upon approval, youth will be prepared for roles in operations, site reliability, and infrastructure support. Fundación Forge will also support the job search process for graduates of the program, facilitating contact with potential employer companies.

For Christian Palacios (Lima) first generation graduate in this programme, “Thanks to all the teachings I received, I was able to land a job in ICT working as a front-end developer. I love my job, as I can provide solutions to graphs that seem complicated, but when It has to do with it, using the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner I was able to solve it. I am so grateful to Forge and AWS for this amazing step they were able to take.”

Young people who participate in the program will receive foundation support for their inclusion in employment

“The cloud may seem like something far away or unknown, but it is much closer than we think. Streaming services, video games, video calls, and many more business operations today operate in the cloud. Setting yourself up in this field can mean an opportunity to start your career with a great drop. The call is for young people who have or without prior knowledge and especially women, where there is a great need to integrate them into the industry” said Rodrigo Kun, CEO of Fundación Forge.

Similarly, Tejas Vashi, global leader in AWS re/Start “Industry demand for cloud adoption far outpaces the number of cloud-savvy new workers, making it difficult for companies to hire the talent needed to implement cloud services. To overcome this challenge of supply and demand, we need to help people from different backgrounds prepare to launch a career in the cloud. AWS re/Start brings a new pool of talent to the workforce by preparing people without a technical background to start a career in the field.”

“The AWS re/start program creates a win-win scenario for people in need, the communities in which they reside, and our customers and partners. The program focuses on connecting the unemployed and underemployed with needed cloud opportunities, uplifting the people and economies within that community, and providing AWS customers and partners with the means to build a loyal, diverse workforce “Abby Danielle, AWS Program Manager for Latin America, the Caribbean, and Canada said.

It should be noted that the Forge Foundation is a non-governmental organization located in seven countries in Latin America, working to develop key social, emotional and digital skills for the jobs of the future. Young people who participate in the program will receive support from the Foundation for their inclusion in employment.

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