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The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cesar Landa, stressed that the declaration issued by the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) regarding the oil spill that occurred in the Ventanilla Sea, will allow to deepen international and governmental cooperation to solve this problem. environmental disaster.

As mentioned, the day before, the Organization of American States, in a statement after a special meeting, expressed its dismay at the serious environmental, economic and social consequences of the oil spill and declared its solidarity and support for the people and government of Peru for this. A tragic event.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not only responsible for foreign policy, but also for internal events such as the oil spill and that is why it promoted the OAS declaration which has consequences for international cooperation,” he said on TVPerú.

In this sense, he made clear that there are other forms of cooperation on the part of international organizations and other states, not only to diagnose what happened, “but also to assess and evaluate the consequences of the reparation and accompaniment that it requires.”

“I believe that international cooperation can be deepened to contribute to the government that is interested in solving this problem efficiently and quickly,” he explained.

Likewise, he asserted that the assessment of the damage caused would conform to a “line of investigation and prosecution that would be consistent in these cases.”

“The OAS has made clear the tragic situation that has occurred, and it is up to the agencies and governments responsible in this case to solve it efficiently and quickly and look at the affected population because it is not just an environmental problem that is harmful to us. But there are affected families.”

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Publication date: 10/2/2022

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