For CEJVG to return to students, we need the left unit

PT UJS in Joaquin.

We’re back in full attendance at Joaquín V. González. We would love to study in our building again and see each other again in person. But it also seems like a great opportunity to reorganize ourselves and fight for everything we lack in JVG and the rest of the three layers.

The audience revealed the value of all the problems we face in our institute. The adjustment of the Fernandez government and the International Monetary Fund hits us hard when it comes to coming to study: because we can’t cover our expenses, we don’t have an educational ticket, and it’s getting more expensive to buy banknotes…Moreover, Laretta’s government is now attacking the teaching platform and taking advantage of the pandemic To apply with UniCABA in pursuit of higher education

In the face of all this, the leadership of our student center, La Caravana (Todos Front), made everything wrong. I’m not fighting for connectivity, scholarships, and hardware while nearly a thousand students left the course in the middle of the pandemic; They didn’t even report a graduate cut-off at ESI; They voted to end the 2005-2012 school plans. They did not invite councils. They did not call for student center elections even though we had mandatory board elections last October, moreover, they opposed incoming students voting in the recent history board elections.

To make matters worse, in a country with 50% poverty, La Caravana snapped notes scholarships from the camera: it went from 50 and 100% to just 25 and 50%! Same with the student bar: the most nutritious thing they offer is a “friary set” (a coffee and two alfajores)… From the student menu, there’s no news. The answer to this situation is that the downgrade is due to a burglary I was exposed to nearly two months ago. Surprisingly, there is not a single balance in the center’s accounts and that La Caravana has not called upon the students to mobilize and campaign to defend our spaces.

Logically speaking, since La Caravana is part of Alberto Fernandez’s IMF-aligned government, adapts to education and starves us, it has little or no capacity to act when it comes to anti-adaptation and for students.

Exit on the left

From UJS PO Joaquín, together with all the fighting groups and independent students, we build another alternative. We upgraded 8 massive pools during the pandemic and were able to elevate the interrelationships so that no one is left out in the pandemic; In defense of every student’s right to receive his plan, we opposed voting for its expiration; We are fighting for scholarships for connectivity and hardware and for an ESI postgraduate degree; We promoted the days of the struggle against Unicaba.

This trend was reversed in the student’s favor in the board elections, with La Caravana slipping 10 points in relation to the recent elections and the FIT-U list, which focuses on the majority of leftist groups in the institute. , 10 points increased. However, the failure to integrate some groups, such as 29 de Mayo and Nuevo Más, into the FIT-U consolidated list, prevented the conquest of the majority of students in the council. The unity that we build day by day in Joaquin must be reflected in the elections!

We call on all groups independent of the authorities and the government, 29 de Mayo, PTS, MST, Izquierda Socialista, Democracia Obrera and Nuevo Más, to form a big front for the upcoming elections. Refund scholarships and dining room for students; to continue the fight against Unicaba; To defend the ESI function; so that each student is received in their plan; To fight for the budget. To counter the reform of the teaching platform Larita and CEVJG for students.

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