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In a multi-sectoral civilian framework organized by the Department of Defense and several public and private institutions, 34 community pots of the most vulnerable human settlements in Choriles County received basic necessities, shoes, toys, school supplies, and health care.

The activity was inaugurated by the Deputy Minister for Defense Policy, Jose Robles Montoya, who highlighted the efforts of mothers organized into these common pots to support their families in the midst of the pandemic.

He also thanked the various institutions that joined this civil action.

The 34 shared pots, which housed more than 1,500 families, received 70 boxes of rice enriched with soy meat and vitamins, 200 kilograms of beans, 1,212 school kits, 1,000 toys, 100 pairs of shoes, masks and 400 kits. teeth.

The beneficiary families also received health services such as vaccination against COVID-19 and universal vaccination. Food talks, grooming service and 10 scholarships to study surfing.

In addition, one local medical center received topical devices, such as an examination table, a dressing cart, a tray, a monitor, and an IV electrode.

Among the beneficiaries are the common utensils of human settlements in Buenos Aires, San Gennaro, Senor de los Milagros, Villa Mercedes and La Union.

The multi-sectoral civil action involved the participation of the Peruvian Army, the Municipality of Choriles, the Directorate of the Integrated Health Network of Southern Lima of the Ministry of Health, the Camino de Vida Christian Mission, the Caminos del Inca Rotary Club, the army of “Michaela Bastidas “Ladies League” and the private companies of Colgate Chicken, Votlos, Notreducat and El Gorion.

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Publication date: 4/13/2022

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