Five Years Later Conviction and 3 Trial for False Scholarships for Andres Bello at University of Caldas

A Colombian university has passed a gender equality policy and anti-violence measures. Photo: University of Caldas

Five years and four months later, progress has finally been made in the investigation into the case of the people who won quotas and studied at the University of Caldas thanks to Andres Bello’s pseudo-scholarships.

According to the information provided by the Public Prosecutor’s Office to La Patria newspaper, one person is convicted, and the actions of the other three accused of the events are still in the trial stage, without specifying whether these four people are students, mediators or officials from the University of Caldas.

The complaints submitted by the university relate to the crime of obtaining a forged public document, in this case for the purpose of entering the higher education center, the investigation, according to the Public Prosecution Office, “continues to progress, through the collection and analysis of materials. Evidence against other alleged perpetrators of the conduct.”

Likewise, isThe Prosecutor General’s Office, in response to the right of petition filed by the newspaper, relied on several laws to delete the details of the operation Arguing that “documents and information held by public bodies are protected by a legal reserve.”

Now, the case goes back to December 2016 when an investigation by La Patria revealed that the University of Caldas had illegally accepted students who had submitted Andrés Bello Scholarships, which are awarded by the national government to the best high school graduates, allowing recipients to enter, directly into any university.

The investigation investigated the unusual increase in admissions for this scholarship, which, for example, in the medicine program went from receiving 1 person with distinction for the second semester of 2013, to 24 persons for the first semester of 2017.

At the beginning of 2017, In response to the investigation, the university filed a complaint with the prosecution and canceled 44 seatsespecially medicine, of whom 27 have already been accepted and 17 have already studied for several semesters.

In 2018, the director of the Caldas Public Prosecutor’s Office, Clara Irene Giraldo, decided in June of that year that those behind this fraud had acted with the help of intermediaries, who in turn apprehended students in need of admission. .

In 2020, the Prosecutor’s Office announced itself Four women have been charged with obtaining a forged public document in an operation involving Andres Bello and that there were 27 persons associated with the investigation, according to the evidence collected by the investigation body, without any admission of responsibility at the hearings held in September of that year.

According to the process, graduates from different colleges in the country entered into the registration platform of the University of Caldas fake documents related to the award of the Andres Bello Prize, to choose the races and thus did not pay tuition fees and other costs.

For this reason, transcripts were also approved for the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Children and Adolescents in Caldas, given that nine minors under the age of 18 were among those allegedly involved, at the time of the events.

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