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Do you want to know how to apply for the Continuity of Study Scholarship 2022 (BCE)? You can be a beneficiary of 12,000 scholarships for students with good academic performancewho belong to the most vulnerable families in the country.

Scholarship recipients who may be at risk of dropping out of their studies due to the impact of the pandemic on their economies may be part of this process. Thus, the National Program for Scholarships and Education Credit (Pronabec) reports that the application, which ends on April 8, 2022, at 5:30 p.m., is virtual and free through

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Those interested in participating in the call must comply the following requirements:

1. Peruvian nationality.

2. Obtaining one of the following conditions:

  • Poverty or extreme poverty Certified by the Midis Home Targeting System (Sisfoh); also
  • Become a Yanapay Reward Recipient or be the son of this scholarship recipient.

3. To be registered with a Higher Education Institution (HEI) and the location and program/job eligible for the competition:

  • For semi-annual plans: Between the second and penultimate academic session in semester 2021-2 or 2021-I, depending on the original higher education institution and its membership in group A (institutions that have completed semester 2021-2) or group B (institutions that have not completed the semester 2021-2).
  • for annual plans: Between the second to last year in the academic year 2021 or 2020, depending on the institution of higher education of origin and their affiliation with Group A or Group B.
  • Exceptionally, students who did not study during 2021 may apply. Or he booked his recording that year. To do this, they must be enrolled between the second to the penultimate academic session in the 2020-2 semester or between the second to the penultimate year of the 2020 academic year (for annual systems).

The list of universities in groups A and B is detailed at

4. Belonging, as a minimum, to the higher education of the faculty, academic program or school.

5. In the case of minors, they must have a representative.

6. Declarations and formulas generated by the application module.

It must be remembered that previous recipients of the 2020-I and 2020-II Invitations for Continuity of Scholarships and Continuity of Studies may reapply in this new version, provided they meet the requirements specified in the Rules. For more information on this visit the website

If you would like to carefully review the contest rules, where you will find more details about the call, You can check Pronabec social networks. you can too Call the toll-free line 080 00 00 18 or write to him Corporate WhatsApp 966429596.

Learn about the requirements to apply for BCE 2022

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