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Find out about registration requirements – El Financiero

The National Council for Science and Technology (CONASET) has opened a new series of calls for the application of national grants, Serving Postgraduate Students, Masters and Specialists. Registration is open from March 23 and will be valid until April 14 through their website.

Supporting scholarships for the Council as objective Strengthening human societies, science, technology and innovationWith the aim of contributing to understanding, interest in, and solving national problems by stimulating these fields of study.

Applicants for Conacyt Scholarships must be accepted and registered for in-state graduate programs. It is important to note that your study program must be face-to-face and full-time.

The scholarship consists of a monthly support ranging from 11 thousand 700 pesos to 17 thousand 50 pesosAs per the national scholarship scheduling. Support varies according to the type of studies being undertaken: master’s, postgraduate or doctoral studies.

These are the requirements to apply for the various Conacyt Scholarships

  • Register or update your unique CV (CVU) On the Conacyt portal, before the date of registering your application. You can check how to create a CVU here.
  • Complete and submit your scholarship application On the MIIC Scholarship System platform. You can learn more about this process at this link.
  • In the event that you have been awarded a scholarship or previous support, either for training or consolidation, by Conacyt, you must have a Letter of Recognition, before your application for support is recorded in this call.
  • In case of benefiting from the scholarship, you must have an electronic signatureissued by the Department of Taxation Administration (SAT) to electronically sign and complete the formalization of the Grant Assignment Agreement (CAB).

Other Aspects You Should Know About Conacyt Scholarships

  • Professional student support 11 thousand and 700 pesos per month.
  • The scholarship is for masters students 13 thousand 162 pesos per month.
  • Finally, graduate students support from 17 thousand and 550 pesos per month.
  • The majors and master’s and doctoral degrees that apply vary by field of study, as well as the institution you are studying at, as the program differs from public and private schools.
  • Find out the calendar for the full call, as well as majors for which Conacyt Scholarships apply here.

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