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According to education experts, one of the New Year’s resolutions for current and future college students is to get scholarships for the new academic year.

With the end of the year holiday approaching, some organizations that help young people to get scholarships are almost assuring that this is the best time to apply for financial aid

“There are scholarships for different students, from high school to graduate school,” says Maria Trochimizuk, founder of the IOS Scholarships. “In addition, we have scholarships for DACA students, which is very important, and there is also a scholarship now from Google that is for students with special needs.”

Maria Trochimezuk founded IOS Scholarships, a website where students can find free financial resources available to those looking for careers in STEM (STEM) fields

“We have over $8 million available in scholarships from various organizations for Latinos and the expiration date depends on the scholarship,” Trochimezuk notes.

Latin Post in STEM Jobs

Trochimizuk says the Spanish-speaking population has an advantage. That’s why IOS places great emphasis on opportunities for sponsors looking to diversify their resources.

“Latinos represent many people, but not in STEM fields,” says Gabriela Forter, representative of Xylo Academy. “For example, Hispanic women in STEM fields, like me, only represent 2 percent.”

Forter currently works with Facebook, but now also collaborates with the organization Zillow Academy which develops a tutorial with virtual videos on its web pages and on Youtube.

“It is based on 5 platforms: artificial intelligence, robotics, energy storage, and gene editing. We believe that the jobs of the future will depend on these five platforms,” says Forter.

Students can go to the IOS Scholarship platform and enter their GPA, their field of interest and the region they want to study in. to enter the platform, click here

Truchimizuk points out that “there are many scholarships that truly reward the cultural heritage and community leadership of Latinos.”

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