Financial entrepreneurs and corporate support with discounts on scholarships

Financiera Ueno and ITTI SAECA are betting on the entrepreneurs of our country by enabling scholarships of up to 50% to participate in Transformers in its 2.2 edition, which will take place from April 8 to May 27.

Transformers is a virtual program developed by Koga that provides practical methodologies, concepts and tools to expand business vision, professionalize and improve the entrepreneurship practices of participants.

People interested in the 50% scholarship can apply for the following Link.

The program aims to promote the development of the country, support entrepreneurs and promote ideas that generate a triple effect.

“It is a unique experience that seeks to connect entrepreneurs with industry leaders, mentors and a community of other entrepreneurs with whom they share ideas, motivation, innovation tools, knowledge and expertise,” said Stephanie Dragoto, Director of Koga.

Through this initiative, we seek to encourage entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into sustainable businesses and expand their businesses. We will share the spaces through mentoring sessions, talks and face-to-face networking spaces so that they can learn about the processes firsthand and we can help them become champions in developing Paraguay’s entrepreneurship ecosystem,” added Miguel Vazquez, CEO of Financiera ueno.

It is worth noting that the program is also aimed at inter-projects or innovation managers who are developing new projects or business units to adapt the company’s activities.

“Innovation and transformation are the foundations of itti’s culture. Being a part of this program is another example that we seek to create spaces that enhance and transform projects in Paraguay’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. At itti, we do things with a strong conviction that everything can be improved, which is what we need We are constantly improving ourselves and this is in line with Transformers training,” said César Astigarraga, CEO of itti.

The program will provide participants with tools to identify opportunities, discover the potential of each, and thus generate ideas that lead to business and the development of a company.

Modules include topics such as business model and validation, value proposition, market segmentation, finance and pricing, marketing, business and sales strategy, formalization and legal framework, among others.

For his part, Koca plans to create face-to-face meeting spaces in Werking, where special guests will share their experiences and achievements; In addition, it will be a space for communication with all participants and references in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The program will run from April 8 to May 27. The investment to be a part of Transformadores 2.2 is in two installments of 3,500,000 EGP.

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