Fever launches Engineering Excellence Scholarships program for students worth €24,000

feverthe emerging technology company dedicated to democratizing access to culture and entertainment, is betting on Spanish architecture with the launch of “Fever Excellence Award in Engineering”.

These are the means that can reach 24,000 euros per year, for the brightest final year engineering students, regardless of their major. The desired goal is fever is that these students can complete the final stage of their studies by participating in the growth global technology company that are driving the transformation of the culture and entertainment industry.

Bet on national talent

“There is a belief that standard tech companies can only be created from Silicon Valley or that the best opportunities are abroad, but Pfeiffer has demonstrated that tech companies can be created with the opposite belief: Spain has the best talents And from Spain, you can create a global leader for an entire industry,” asserts Francisco Heine, co-founder of feverwhich adds that “this is why the Fever Excellence Scholarship in Engineering was created to support and retain national talent.”

The Chosen Ones will be able to be a part of high performance teams In any area of ​​the company: software, products, data science, operations, growth, or expansion are just a few examples.

This is how a fever works

fever – whose mission is to democratize access to culture and entertainment – is the platform The global leader in entertainment discoveryEvery month, to help millions of people discover the best experiences in their cities.

through its platform, fever Inspire your community Enjoy unique local experiences and eventsfrom immersive exhibitions, interactive theater experiences and festivals to classical music, while helping creators with data and technology so they can continually adapt and expand worldwide to reach new audiences.

The company, led by Spaniards Ignacio Batcheler-Strohlen, Alexandre Pérez Casares and Francisco Heine, has gone from being present in just three cities in just 5 years to becoming the world leader in its class in More than 60 cities in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania.

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