Feeding children is sacred: teaching mines

This Monday the general balance on the cover PAE School Feeding Program 2021 And how it will be dealt with during the current year.

Early childhood and children who are part of a single school day are the target audience for the programme, which currently covers 5.8 million of children served and aims to reach 6 million by the end of 2022.

Within the report submitted by the authorized auditor on citizen participation, Luis Carlos Pinedait was announced that during 2021 the coverage of the program was 74.4% and 815,000 children stopped receiving care due to staffing problems from regional entities.

Municipalities that did not exceed 50% coverage were Soledad, Malambo, Belo, Valdobar, Casanare, Sabaneta, Sahagún, in Cordoba.

“Since it is a school food service, the suspension cannot be served unless there are cases of force majeure and 11.45% Of the entities in the country they have done so,” Pineda said.

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