Extended Dates to Apply for Bucaramanga Higher Education Scholarships

More than 1,300 young people residing in Class 1, 2 and 3 neighborhoods of Bucaramanga will have the opportunity to realize their dreams and become professionals, considering that the Mayor’s Office has launched a program that benefits all public school graduates in the city.

It is located around a The project is led by the Higher Education Fund of the Bucaramanga Mayor’s Officewhich aims to offer scholarships for higher education to pursue technical and technological careers, according to the municipal education secretariat.

“There are 36 programs that we will offer in agreement with 11 higher education institutions for young people living in the municipality of Bucaramanga,” said Anna Leonor Rueda, Minister of Education of Bucaramanga.

In all, there will be 1,325 flying people who will be able to benefit from this initiative, which began writing last Monday, 7 March, through the website of the Bucaramanga Municipal Office, whose initial closing date was last Friday, 8 April.

However, in order for the interested parties to collect all the required documents, This period has been extended until next Wednesday, April 20.

With this we ensure that we can have 1,325 new scholarship holders, young people who really want to study. Minister Rueda added that the investment made by the government of Mayor Juan Carlos Cardenas in this great project amounts to 1500 million dollars.

According to the head of the educational portfolio, as of Thursday, April 21 to May 13 Conditions and compliance with the requirements of applicant students will be checked. Four days later, on May 17, the list of selected scholarship holders will be published.

In this sense, they will give the specific profiles a A scholarship equal to 100% of the registration fee for the entire period of study.

So you can sign up

This process is free and does not require intermediaries. Before enrolling, carefully review the program terms of reference.

  • Enter the Bucaramanga Mayor’s page www.bucaramanga.gov.co
  • Click carry out your actions
  • then select education. There will be a choice Call for Higher Education Scholarships 1-2022. Click on this content.
  • Select option ParticipationAt this point, you must create a username and password to enter the form. There, fill in the required personal data and when done, select the option ‘save’. Here the system automatically takes you back to the previous page.
  • Now log in with your username and password.
  • Review the document and Accept terms and conditions before you start recording.
  • Finally, fill in the data in the registration form and Attach the required documents. Check them out and hit save!

For his part, the Mayor of Bucaramanga, Juan Carlos Cárdenas, stated that “Education is the future, which is why in Bucaramanga we are building real bridges to the future, through scholarships, computers and the historical transformation of the educational infrastructure that we are advancing.”

Remember that people without connectivity or equipment to register can do so at one of Bucaramanga’s eight digital points.

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