Expulsion Requirements to Access the Dining Room Scholarship

Like every year, prior to the pandemic, the Comedor Scholarships was revealed to be an achievement and a great benefit to the K Department of the University. This year is no exception, and the date for receipt of applicants’ requirements has been extended, during the 18th and 20th for the San Salvador location, while the San Pedro location will be on the 18th, 19th and 20th. However, tell you why these scholarships are in fact extrusive and insufficient.

Indigence is its primary requirement as merit, being an “advanced” or first-year student, the remainder is nonexistent or not necessary, according to this education policy. And with a total of 6000 registered for this year, only in the humanities; According to the survey conducted by the tutoring system, the reason for the restrictive nature of the scholarships was clarified.

In addition, this year’s University Cafeteria, based in San Salvador de Jujuy, will take place in the Mutual del Círculo de Oficiales de la Policia de la Provincia.

Next, we indicate the requirements to be able to apply for the ‘benefit’ which is to be able to eat so that you will not faint while studying at a public university, although this should be considered an inalienable right.

All men, women and children have the inalienable right to be free from hunger and malnutrition for the full development and maintenance of their physical and mental capacities. (The Universal Declaration on the Eradication of Hunger and Malnutrition, endorsed by the United Nations World Food Conference on November 16, 1974)

For each member plus $16,500.

Lunch with Morales Police

As if the agreement were not enough for UNU students to contribute their knowledge to the repressive forces in the province, signed between Rodolfo Tecci, head of the Regional University Security Institute, is not. Calvo, Minister of Security, I run in 2019; Now the canteen of the University of San Salvador de Jujuy, located in the Mutual of the Department of Provincial Police Officials.

Apparently nothing remains of the long and short-term memory of the House of Graduate Studies and Stick on Dent ideologiesNow it is the arm that “protects” or suppresses with more “professionalism” and also provides you with a place to eat.
How long will the agreement be? we do not know.

But what we do know is that a few days ago the police cracked down on social organizations that, as a right guaranteed in the national constitution, came out to protest. And the state’s military wing arrested its leaders on charges of ordering food for kitchens, and they were
They have been stigmatized in the dominant media and by the national and provincial governments in their fight against hunger.

A university cafeteria for everyone

By 2019, LID has already reversed the adjustment made in the country’s university cafeterias, with long queues to arrive for lunch as a shortfall that does not cover the total number of scholarship recipients.

This year, with the endorsement of the National and People’s Government, to continue to pay the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the legalization of the macrista scam, with budgets adjusted, inflation unleashed, large corporate profits rising, working populations poorer, steadily uneven growth times unpredictable times Better, but the crisis is on the shoulders of workers, women, dissidents, indigenous people and students.

Those of us who study at UNJu know the problems we face when it comes to studying: lack of time ranges, classrooms and seats, scholarships, mom and dad gardens, the internet, and also the basic right, which is food that is not covered. These factors constitute the basic factors for the abandonment or stagnation of students.

Even if we talk about the fact that at the statistical level, INDEC figures show that in the second half of 2021 the percentage of families below the poverty line was 27.9%, that is, almost 17 million people. The same report also shows that more than half of 51.4% of children are poor.

Meanwhile, the poverty level among young people aged 15-29 was 44.2% above average. Destitution affected 8.2% of the people who cannot cover the minimum food basket, meaning that they suffer from hunger. And in Jujuy, the largest recorded job loss was recorded and it already had high rates of informal work before the pandemic. In addition, the poverty rate has increased since 2016 from 25.7% to 36.2%.

These data show how severe the social crisis is and that under the joint government with the International Monetary Fund, accelerating inflation could worsen. In contrast to the massive diets followed by the deans and university president Rodolfo Teke, which exceed one hundred thousand pesos per month.

The privileges they receive in return for subordinating the university to the interests of the national and regional government. In terms of food, not all students can afford a full and varied lunch for each day and not all of them live far from the various colleges to eat at home.

However, the promise to build a student dining room from October 2021 and that he is considering two years to implement, according to local media; highlights the urgent need to require the state university to ensure the dining room service with sufficient physical space, and to create the necessary jobs (empty and with salaries equivalent to the family basket), to ensure the quality of service; Without quotas, so that everyone can access this inalienable right and without delay.

To defend public education and our right to study and receive. We have to organize ourselves into gatherings where we the students are the subject of the struggle for our rights, and unite with working and unemployed, indigenous peoples, and women to stand against the current amendment, refusing to pay fraudulent debts, as in 2018.

For this reason, from October / rose bread At PTS-FIT Youth, we are together calling for a meeting where we all have a voice and a voice to discuss what we are doing as students in the face of the crisis we are going through and the university’s expulsion policy. May the repression, stigmatization and persecution of the police system of Morales and Alberto not steal our future.

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